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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TCB: Genoise Classique with Strawberry Mousseline

I made Genoise Classique last weekend - recipe from The Cake Bible. Initially, I split the recipe in half and baked in a 7 inch pan. The genoise turned out so beautifully - not disasterously as it was a couple of weeks ago - that I couldn't resist baking another half recipe.

I truly think there's something amiss in the beurre noisette that I made last time. I think I cooked it too long. As soon as I sacrificed the egg mixture into it, it started bubbling up, even though the beurre noisette was only a bit warm.

Well, no such thing happened this time. When I mix it with the egg, no bubbling or any strange reaction happened. They blend together like they are meant to be!

Mousseline is my favorite buttercream so far. I love the taste, it's so light I don't feel I'm eating a stick of butter. And I thought since I've made it several times, I got it down. This is what happened people, when you got comfortable and you thought nothing will go wrong. You get failed mousseline. It didn't turn out to be silky smooth but grainy.

I've never made mousseline in the summer, so I am blaming the hot weather. Somehow baking and hot weather doesn't work for me. Maybe I should just stick to cooking for now and taking pictures with the new camera LOL!

Though it's not a success, I tried to decorate the cake. I was grateful that the buttercream hold it's shape and it tasted good. The grainy-ness is not noticeable when we eat it, it just looks funny. We ate half the cake already. It is flavored with strawberry sauce recipe from The Cake Bible as well and boy oh boy, I can tell you the strawberry sauce is a killer!


  1. It's gorgeous!!! I love how you decorated it. This cake looks delicious.

  2. i love the swirls on top of the cake! i also like the look of the tweedy frosting. hooray for successful genoise!

  3. Gorgeous cake! I think it looks beautiful! I think probably the hot weather causes the buttercream to separate a little..(that happens to me all the time..that's why i had to frost the cake in my fridge..or turn on!).

  4. the swirls on the cake are just so amazing, i wish i had that skill.

  5. Beautiful Genoise, Jenn. Love the swirls on the cake.

  6. Wow, Jenn, I thought the frosting looked gorgeous and wouldn't have suspected it was behaving badly for you. I know it must have tasted wonderfully with the strawberry you used. I think we all have a problem with little miss mousselline every now and again. She does seem to kick up her heels sometimes.


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