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Friday, February 18, 2011

FFWD: Green Beans with Pancetta

This week's selection from French Fridays with Dorie is Green Beans with Pancetta. I have only used Pancetta once - a long time ago - so I'm a bit curious as to how it would taste and how it would compare to bacon. Now bacon, that's a different story. I love bacon. In fact, I currently have some in the freezer :).

Anyway, back to pancetta. The recipe tells you to dice it and then saute on the pan. It does not, however, tell you to render the fat. Which basically means that once you get a nice pool of fat on the pan, you pour it off to a bowl. I like doing this with bacon as well. It makes them crispier, and also it's healthier. Ha, if you can call pancetta or bacon healthy, that is. But you would be amazed to see how much fat ended up in your bowl. I definitely do not want all that clogging my arteries.

While the pancetta is rendering, I boil some water. Once it comes to a boil, add some salt and throw in all the green beans. I set the timer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, drain the green beans and immediately plunge it into a bowl of cold water with lots of ice. We are shocking the green beans so it stopped cooking. This also maintains their bright green colors.

Finally, leaving 1 Tbsp of the fat on the pan, add some butter, toss in the beans and cook, add in salt and pepper and stir in pancetta.

Tasting impressions:
It is pretty good. Green beans is one of the top favorite veggie in the house so am loving this one. As for the pancetta, it's not bad, but I still prefer bacon :).


  1. Looks great! I used bacon ..didn't bother to find the Pancetta! Im glad now since... you like bacon better!

  2. Prettttyyyy... I love Pancetta (more than bacon) - there I said it, I have come clean. I'm doing mine as a side dish to next weeks FFwD choice...

  3. it looks delicious! i have been a lazy slacker when it comes to FFWD (including this week) but now i wish i had made this!

  4. Lovely pictures! This was my first time working with pancetta and I was very pleasantly surprised.

  5. Nice photography with those beautiful green beans!

  6. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Intersting on the amount of fat rendered. I had hardly any...was almost worried about being able to supply the small amount of fat called for. I have seen several other posts saying similar. Curious that you had so much but I guess the different varieties make the difference.

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful! Glad to hear that this recipe turns out so well with bacon since I usually keep it in the house. :) I'll have to try it that way next.

  8. Echoing others' comments--great photos! My reaction to the first bite: bacon would have been better. But by the end, the pancetta was growing on me.


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