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Monday, February 21, 2011

HCB Free Choice: Heavenly Coconut Seduction Cake

For HCB Free Choice this week I made the Coconut Seduction Cake. I was curious and excited about making this cake. Curious because I am not a big fan of coconut dessert (the real fruit I like) but this cake looks so pretty in the book. Excited because hubby LOVES coconut dessert, so I'm excited about making him happy (I know.. cheesy cheesy..).

It's not easy to take pictures of a white cake. I started with a completely white background and though it looks bright, the whole thing looks blah. So I switched to this colorful flowery cloth, which, I'm not sure if it's too busy. So I hope you guys like the pictures.

This cake is real easy to put together. I decided to go with Rose's alternative suggestion and use coconut milk instead of cream of coconut. Mostly because reading up on the cream of coconut ingredients, they all sound so hm.. scary. All those chemicals that I don't know about. Whereas coconut milk has about 1 ingredients. Clear as day!

This cake is similar to regular butter cake, with coconut milk substituting milk in this cake. Process the coconut and sugar in the food processor until fine. Then mix the egg whites with a bit of coconut milk, coconut extract, and vanilla extract. Mix all the dry ingredients in the mixer. Add in the rest of the coconut milk and butter. Then add in the egg mixture in 2 additions.

To make matter more interesting, I made 70% of the cake. I wanted to have enough batter for my 6 inch heart pan and have a few mini cakelets. I could have made just half the recipe and take some batter to fill the cakelets but then my cake would be short. So 70% it is - and it yield 1 6 inch cake and 4 mini cakelets.

While the cake is cooling, I placed the mixer and mixer bowl in the fridge. After the cake cooled, I made the cornstarch stabilized whipped cream. Paying more attention this time so it would not curdled. Though I guess if it did, it would not have mattered as the cream will be covered with shredded coconut anyway.

One complaint I have about this recipe is that it used 2 different shredded coconut. The one for the cake batter is unsweetened and the one for topping is sweetened. When I read this I rolled my eyes! I refused to buy 2 different coconut so I bought the unsweetened one instead.

Tasting impression:
YUM! I actually liked this cake. The coconut flavor is not too strong (that's why I like it :)). And I love whipped cream. Hubby love it as well.


  1. Man, the cuteness is killing me! And I for one will give you a big high five on the background you use on the pictures, it really makes the cake pop!

  2. Beautiful cake and cakelettes. Those are very large coconut shavings. At first I thought it was white chocolate (which I think would work well too).

  3. Very pretty! I went with the same cake but did the conventional flaked coconut. Mine's not nearly as cute as yours. :)

  4. the little cakelettes look so appealing with their big coconutty tops! when i made this cake i almost made it with coconut milk but decided to go the chemical route. ah well. i think the flowered tablecloth is a perfect background.


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