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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alpha Bakers: Hungarian Raisin Walnut Tartlets

I love this pie. They are fun to put together, even though they take a heck of a lot longer than I had anticipated. The recipe reads pretty easy. Make 3x the recipe of a standard pie shell. I want to make 1/2 recipe so that means 1.5x recipe. Easy to figure out since the recipe is in grams. The pie dough came together pretty quickly. Then I read through the filling part and start mis-en-place all the parts, including roasting the walnuts. It does add a bit of to do the roasting, but I think using pre-roasted nuts adds so much more flavor in the baked result. Now the kicker in the process is the rolling of the dough. Having to roll and cut at least a dozen 4 1/2 inches circle takes FOREVER! I was glad I only made 1/2 recipe. In the end I had enough filling for 14 tartlets so I made 14 circles and had some dough leftover so they went to the freezer for future use. Btw, I now have 3 different pie dough leftover so I see a small pie in my future hehe.

I used 100% Whole Wheat Pastry flour in the dough and used almond milk instead of regular milk in the filling. We don't drink regular milk anymore so I have been subbing with almond milk and so far I have had no issue.

I also reduced the sugar by 10% in this recipe. Not that this recipe used a ton of sugar but raisins are really sweet. Even with the reduction, they are too sweet for my taste, so I ate 1/2 of them at a time. It is really good though. And my friends who I shared them with loved them. No mention of too sweet.

Step by step photos:


Ahh.. pretty shot of flour (I used 100% Whole Wheat Pastry flour) and a heck of a lot of fat *grin*.

Mix the cream cheese onto flour. I used my hands. I love it this way.

Then add the chopped butter.

Looks cornmeal-ly.

I have freeze leftover heavy cream in ice cubes container. They are great for recipes like these because I don't have to buy a whole tub of cream. I used a couple of cubes of them for this dough.

Stored in a pyrex container.

Meanwhile, toast the walnuts and rub the in a towel to get rid of the skin.

That's a lot of skin!

Next, roll the dough. Sigh...I will never master rolling the dough evenly. Mine looks like an island somewhere. No harm loss though. Just makes for a funny picture :).

Make the filling. Combine milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla in the mixer bowl. Appreciate the prettiness of all the colors for a few seconds...

before it turned into this with the butter addition. Yikes. This is so not looking appetizing! But I'm glad Rose warned us about this in the recipe.

I think my butter might be a bit too cold as it looked pretty curdled. But it all will melt in the oven.


Alpha Bakers is a group of bakers who are baking through The Baking Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum's latest cookbook. Come check out the rest of the group at Rose's Alpha Bakers.


  1. I thought about you as I reduced the recipe by 2/3. I can't believe I made a smaller recipe than you did! Surprising how good these are, right?

    1. You made 1/3!?!! I missed that in your post! I'm so proud!

  2. I think I should start doing recipes by 1/2 or 1/3 now too.. nobody wants to eat sweet things anymore..everyone I know is on some kind of diet!

  3. I forgot to add that your tarts look mouthwatering, I want to try one!

  4. The combination of the whole wheat pastry flour with the raisins and less sugar sounds really appealing. Glad to know almond milk is working out for baking. They look perfect!


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