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Friday, January 1, 2010

Danish Braid

I made this Danish braid a couple of weeks ago. The danish dough recipe is from Rose’s PPB, the fillings are frangipane and frozen bluberries cooked with sugar. This dough is softer than the croissant dough so it feels easier to roll and handle. I really love working with laminated dough, I can’t really explain it, something about rolling the dough makes me feel happy. A couple of error I made: I didn’t notice that the danish braid requires only 1/2 of the danish dough recipe, I made the full batch so ended up with 2 danish braid. I filled the other one only with frangipane and forgot to take a picture of it. Also, I put too much frangipane in the dough, it leaked over during baking. Neither mistakes is a big lost - the danish taste heavenly and I will make it again.

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