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Sunday, August 22, 2010

HCB: Marionberry Shortcakes

Shortcake... sponge cake... who wouldn't like them?

Add that to the fact that this one has beurre noisette in it. I know by now that Rose's cakes, when it has beurre noisette in it, is simply pure bliss. Add fruit to that and I'm sold.

I didn't find marionberries at Whole Foods, but at Vitamin Cottage. While it is thawing in a bowl, I made the beurre noisette. So far so good. Since it's 1/2 recipes, I didn't see a point of using the stand mixer to whip the warm 1 egg + 1 egg yolk. I used my handheld mixer, and quickly regretted it. It is not fun standing in the kitchen for 10 minutes holding handheld mixer. Yes okay I could sit down and do this but still no fun. See how I've become very spoiled with my stand mixer :).

Once the egg mixture has become airy and lovely and spongy, I sacrificed part of the egg mixture onto the beurre noisette. Then folded into the egg mixture, the sifted cake flour cornstarch mixture. Then folded in the beurre noisette.

These lovely batter is then distributed evenly onto 3 corningware ramekins. Then baked in the oven for 15 minutes.

Next, the liquid from the strained marionberries are reduced, cooled, and combined with Chambord. I think I reduced the sauce too much, so I added 2 Tbsp of water.

Rose said to make a small cavity onto the cakes for the berries, so that's what I did. There's quite a bit of scooped up shortcake, enough to make a mini marionberry shortcake trifle :).

Tasting impression:
Oh boy oh boy oh boy... This is one of THE BEST cakes from RHC. Light, moist, and tender. The berries added a wealth of flavor - sweet and slightly tangy. I don't know if I'm still giddy from finding frozen marionberries or it's the chambord talking. Maybe it is the beurre noisette - and I know that Raymond would agree with me. Whichever reason, this is really so good that I regretted making 1/2 recipe! Maybe I'll make this again for the free choice week next month.


  1. "mini marionberry shortcake trifle"...fantastic idea!!! I could see the entire recipe as a trifle. Your cake turned out lovely.

  2. gorgeous photos! And that trifle looks yummy!

  3. ב''ה

    Just awesome! what a gorgeous color you got and great pics.

  4. Well lookit... love the dark color contrast against the green! And while you know my feelings about cake+fruit.. they look tempting!


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