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Monday, September 6, 2010

HCB: Gold Ingots and Chocolate Ingots

Heavenly Cake Baker submissions No. 39 and 40.

Post caramel burn from last week's cake, I went and bought a couple of cookbooks and a financier pan. Yes, any major kitchen accident deserves a shopping therapy in my house.

To commemorate the arrival of said financier pan, I decided to make the Gold Ingots and the Chocolate Ingots that I missed. Lots of celebrating in the house, you see. But I figured that any silicone pan that cost $20 deserves some celebrating.

To avoid suffering from Ingots overloaded, I made the full recipe of Gold Ingots and 1/2 recipe of Chocolate Ingots.

The recipe is easy and similar enough. Toast almonds, grind almonds with flour. Made beurre noisette. Mix the egg whites with sugar. Then add almonds flour mixture until blended. Drizzle the beurre noisette then mix on medium low speed for 5 minutes.
For the chocolate ingots, I've added the cocoa powder into the almond flour mixture.

The hardest part of these recipes is to fill the narrow acvity of the financier pan with 30 grams of batter. The 2nd hardest part of the recipe is washing the financier pan 3 times! As I only have 1 pan, I have to bake the batter it twice.

Tasting impression:
YUM! We tried both cakes on the day of baking and on the day after. They were really good on the day of baking but the taste improves the next day. I love that they are crunchy on the outside but soft and moist on the inside. I know this post is supposed to be about the Gold Ingots but I have to say I love the Chocolate Ingots more :). I like it so much that I made 1/2 a recipe again today (and yes we are officially suffering from Ingots overload).


  1. MMMM. . . Makes me want to try the chocolate ones.

  2. great photos! i like seeing your ingots all lined up in a row. culinary retail therapy is very effective, isn't it?

  3. Wow.. look at you baking up a storm! I like the line up as well. Today, I took a break from posting, blogging, cooking, laundry.. and just sat and watch major marathon of Law and Order CI. And loved every minute of it.

  4. Look fantastic! I love financier pans, and often indulge in retail therapy too :D

  5. Gosh, they look wonderful! Your photos make me want to be there.

  6. Gorgeous, Jenn! Wish I had a few now, right now, right this very minute!!! :)

    As always, great pictures, too.

    Glad your sugar burn didn't put you off baking.

  7. Mmm - I am getting ready to bake a bunch of these to take to a 'pot luck' so am delighted to see your beautiful display.

  8. They look delicious! It looks like something that melts in your mouth!


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