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Monday, April 25, 2011

HCB Free Choice: Devil Food's Cupcakes

For the free choice this week I made Devil Food's cupcakes.

Again, you said?

We just made it 6 weeks ago.

Yes. It's that good.

So instead of catching up on the remainder 23 cakes left, I made this again.

It also helps that I have leftover Midnight Ganache in the freezer, as I didn't use it all last time.

This time, I used the book's method of mixing. The result is a fluffy cupcake, not dense and fudgy like next time. It is really good. I like the texture this way.

Also this time, the brandied cherry tasted more boozy. I can feel myself swooning after finishing a cupcake. I better not drive.

Note: My apologies for such a short post. But since this is a repeat performance, I don't know what else to write, ^o^!


  1. You are cheating buddy! Get to baking something you have NOT done before... tsk, tsk... LOL

    Don't worry you can call me back on this, since I totally DID NOT BAKE any of the HBC choices, instead I baked a Bahamian Rum Cake which was packed punched of rum... post coming up tonight.

  2. i don't blame you for making these again! i have some of that ganache in the freezer too; sometimes i think about defrosting it so i can eat it with a spoon. beautiful photos!

    since you are the one in charge :) i wanted to let you know i'm baking the ginger cheesecake right now; post will be up tomorrow after i can taste it!

  3. LOL! Monica's comment made me laugh! ok.sorry..i laugh at everything it seems..i laugh a lot..everything seems to tickle me. I agree you are somewhat cheating! ;) But it's ok..since it's free choice anyway.

  4. Cherries and brandy - what a combination!

  5. these look so delicious! I know this sounds incredibly strange but I looked at them the other night before I went to bed and actually had a dream that I got to eat one! I can't wait to make them myself. The pink paper with them looks wonderful.


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