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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alpha Bakers: Babka

I love bread making. I don't know why and can't really explain it. There is just something calming about it. Perhaps it's working with the dough part? Though now with stand mixer there's not much of active hand working on the dough vs. watching the machine working the dough. Lazy 21st century? :). In any case, I was excited to make this bread and was also excited to eat it and share it with some friends. I made 1/2 a recipe, using 6 cup bundt pan and I think I overbaked it by 5 minutes or something like that because it came out a bit more dry than I expect. It's still good though and none of my friends said anything to the contrary. Al in all, a win!

I don't have much to say about the process of making this other than everything run pretty smoothly.

And I was crazy enough to make this on the same day as making the Dutch Pecan Sandies. By the time everything is done, this is the amount of dishes I have in the sink:

That's only part of it - I have several more utensils and bowls which I've cleaned earlier.
And I vowed never making 2 things on the same day every again. But you see, give me a few months and I'll forget and do this again hehe.

Apologies for the short post but I am late and Marie has "threatened" to do her summary tomorrow and she usually does this early so now I shall regal you with the gazillion pictures of the step by step process of this wonderful bread.

Step by step photos:


Add flour blanket.

The next day.

Shaggy dough.

Place the dough in an oiled container. I think Rose use fancier words than oiled container. I sprayed this with Olive Oil cooking spray.

Let rise in a warm environment.

It took 2 hours to rise.

Next, make the filling by first grinding the almonds.

Roll the dough. Okay the filling looks a bit gross to me. Just does not look attractive at all. If I didn't know what's in it, I would not be using it (can you imagine buying a jar of this brown stuff at a grocery store?).

Looks even more disturbing. Brown goo...

Place in the pan to let rise.

Ready for the oven.

I love how brown and perfect the crust is!

Alpha Bakers is a group of bakers who are baking through The Baking Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum's latest cookbook. Come check out the rest of the group at Rose's Alpha Bakers.


  1. Color of the crust looks nice to me! So do you put hot water in the pan with a lid to warm the microwave for dough rising? Your photographs are always so lovely. Such a yummy bread.

    1. Thanks Vicki! The pot has really hot water. I basically boil water in the pot so it will warm up the inside of the microwave for a couple hours, enough time for the bread to rise.

  2. Looks beautiful and half recipe is such a good idea!


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