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Monday, January 25, 2010

HCB: Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake (masquerading as cupcakes)

I was not planning to make this cake initially. But I had a lot of egg whites in the freezer - enough to make 3 angel food cake. I didn't have angel food cake pan though, and not sure of getting one, what with lack of storage space and the fact that I don't see a lot of angel food cake in my future. So last week I decided I would make this in cupcake form.

The whole process was pretty uneventful. I whipped the egg whites (add cream of tartar and sugar), then sift flour and fold the batter. I did not use Wondra Flour, instead my usual combo of 80% of unbleached AP flour and 20% of cornstarch. Then fold in the grated chocolate - I didn't have enough unsweetened chocolate, so I used some bittersweet chocolate.

I only have 1 6-cavity silicone cupcake mold so I had to bake several batches. One thing to note is that I thought since I'm using silicone mold, I don't have to grease the pan. Wrong. It was hard to wash it it afterwards :(. The next batch I spray the pan with baking spray, and that helped.

For the frosting I opted for plain whipped cream with vanilla and then top it with dark chocolate chips. The verdict: I was glad I made it. This cake is really good! It's very light and fluffy and it made me think of light vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. The batter (uncooked) even taste like ice cream to me. Hmm.. now I know what to do with the rest of egg whites sitting in the freezer.


  1. I didn't know that it can be baked into cupcakes! now i know..and next time i'll do the same thing! :)

  2. Beautiful cupcakes, Jenn. You can see the chocolate suspended in the cake. Lovely! Glad they tasted good too. The smiley face cupcake made me giggle :o)

  3. I love the idea of angel food cupcakes! I'm going to do that next time :) I love the happy face.

  4. Thanks Faithy, Hanaa, and ECL,
    I didn't think it would work as cupcakes, but it did. I was pleasantly surprised!
    I know it's silly but I love making happy faces, it's so cute and make me (and others) smile!

  5. You got a great "tweed" effect in your cake--you must have a superior grating technique. <g> Cute cupcakes!

  6. Gorgeous cupcakes. Even though you may have been cursing only one pan, they definitely benefit from not being crowded in the oven!

    Ditto Nancy B on your grating technique. Your chocolate looks perfectly flecked. I agree completely with you that these little gems taste like chocolate chip icecream.

    Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Also, all those eggwhites? Faithy has a recipe on her blog for amazing macarons and according to the Rose's comment on Marie's Tweed post - you just store them for years in your freezer!!!

    Love the smiley face, too cute.

  7. PS - Can you divulge your grating secret?

  8. Absolutely adorable - love the finished cupcakes!


  9. Thanks Nancy, Nicola, and Patricia!
    @ Nicola. There is no grating secrets, though I use my new fancy schmancy box grater from William Sonoma. I called it fancy schmancy because it has like 8 different sizes all around it, and it has a cover at the bottom to catch the grated goods. I use one of the smallest size - the chocolate turned out very small like snowflakes.
    My theory of why the cupcakes look perfectly flecked is because these babies were baked only 15-20 minutes in the oven (they're done that fast) - so that the chocolate didn't have enough time to melt. I don't know if this is correct, though.

  10. I should also mention that the chocolate I used has been refrigerated for months - maybe that plays a role too.


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