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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Baking

This is Pecan Pie from Rose's Pie & Pastry Bible. I don't make pies as often as I'd like. But I just purchased Lyle's Golden Syrup and wanted to try it asap. Somehow the 1st thing that came to mind is Pecan Pie.

It is pretty easy to make, first make the crust. Once cooled, place all the pecans in the crust, and proceed to make the filling. The filling is really easy. Combine all of it in a pot under low heat and stir until it's thick. This step is the hardest, because I find it completely boring to stand there and stir constantly. I think next time I should bring a novel or something and read while waiting. Rose said this takes 7-10 minutes but it took me 20 minutes (and it felt like an hour).

This pie comes with a bittersweet glaze, which is basically melted chocolate with cream added - like ganache before it's thickened. I need to learn how to make parchment cone, it broke midway so then I just ended up applying it with a spatula.

Oh well, that's what the whipped cream is for, to make it prettier and cover all the imperfection :). Since we are planning to eat the pie over several days, I made stabilized whipped cream and added bourbon.

Tasting impressions:
Really really good. I was afraid of it being too sweet with the golden syrup and the sugar, but I think because it used brown sugar it taste less sweet. The whipped cream is really yummy and added a nice flavor to the pie.

I also made some cookies yesterday. The sugar cookies are from Susan Purdy's Pie in the Sky. It is my go-to sugar cookies recipes and it's very good! I also tried to make gingerbread cookies from RHC, but I used regular molasses (instead of light) and even though I reduced the quantity, they taste too strong. I still decorated some of them, for practice.

So for my HCB readers, these are why I am slacking off and did not make the Vanilla Bean financiers. I was going to make it yesterday but ran out of time.

So there you go. Holiday Baking at Knitty Baker's house. More to come...


  1. Ohhh my favorite pie is pecan pie and your looks good... send me a piece!

    And the cookies, love them... specially the gingerman/woman ones... They are CUTE!

    PS: That bathroom light is kicking some butt!

  2. Your pie looks perfect! I made that one for Thanksgiving, and I had problems with the crust baking much faster than it was supposed to when I par-baked it. It was still delicious though. Do you have any tips on the crust?

    I also made sugar and gingerbread cookies this weekend. I made the vanilla bean financiers on Saturday, but I haven't had time to post either those or the cookies (which aren't completely done being decorated). There are just too many options for baking right now!

  3. all of it looks great--that pie is to die for! (and i don't really like pie!)

    i want to re-start the family tradition of sugar cookies at christmas! yours look so festive.

  4. The only way I'll make pecan pie is with Lyle's. It's amazing stuff and I'm so happy it's readily available here in the states. Your cookies are so cute - I'm not a big decorated cookie maker. I might be if someone baked all the cookies and let me play with the icing.

    Anyway, great pie, and fabulous job decorating both the pie and the cookies!!


  5. Hi Jenn! I'm away..was at Osaka but now i'm at Tokyo. Not much time for me to surf internet..only check mail. Thanks for dropping by and asking about me. :D

    Both your pies and sugar cookies are gorgeous! Makes me want to bake now and decorate cookies! I have been wanting to decorate Christmas cookies but i'm usually away during this time of the year and always miss decorating Christmas cookies. Your cookies are lovely!

    Talk soon! :D

  6. Oh my gosh that is just an incredibly beautiful pie! Adorable cookies!

  7. ב''ה

    That pie just looks so awesome! Makes me want to pull out the cake bible and start baking from it again.


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