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Monday, November 1, 2010

HCB: The Amazing Bostini

This is the Great Bostini from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Cake No. 49.

Chocolate and orange is my absolute favorite combination. Every time I see a chocolate bar with orange, I buy it. I'm in constant lookout for the best chocolate bar with orange. My favorite right now is Newman's Own Organic Orange Dark Chocolate. It has, IMHO, the perfect balance of bittersweet chocolate and orange flavor. This is the only chocolate bar that I could eat the whole bar in 1 sitting.

What, you asked, has that anything to do with The Bostini? The Bostini is a combination of orange glow chiffon cupcake, pastry cream, and chocolate sauce. I got so excited when this cake comes into rotation. In fact, my buddy Monica and I are so excited that we are immediately on lookout for the same cappuccino cup that Rose used in the book. We both got ours on Amazon and we both tracked our packages - holding our breath in anticipation.

When the cups arrived, I jumped up and down and then I went to work making the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were really easy to put together. So easy that as I am writing this post on Monday morning, I forgot how it is made.

Another reason why I forgot is because I made another cake yesterday from RHC, so my head is all full with that recipe.

The cupcakes baked really nice and it rose high above the cupcake pan. They smelled really good coming out of the oven and are nice and spongy.

Next is the pastry cream. This one is also very easy to put together. I don't have vanilla beans and don't really feel like buying them as they are expensive. So I opted for the vanilla bean paste. I added it to the cream once I took it off the heat - right before straining it.

After the cream is strained, put the all in the individual cups, cover with plastic wrap, and cooled.

Once cooled, into the fridge it goes. 1/2 hour before serving time, I took one of the cups out, put 1 cupcake upside down over it. After the 1/2 hour mark - which felt like the longest time in the world, by the way, as I was dying to try this awesome-sounding dessert.

I managed to patiently waited, but only because I want the pastry cream to come a bit to room temperature first.
The chocolate glaze is super easy to put together. With equal amount of butter and chocolate, dividing the recipe into 8 is very easy. For those who are curious, it is 28 point something grams LOL. I just rounded it to 30 grams.

Once the chocolate glaze is poured, I took a quick snappy picture. Then hubby and I shared a glass.

Tasting impressions:
This one goes to the Top 5 Favorite Cakes from RHC list now. It is so good. The warm chocolate sauce with the orange-y cupcake and pastry cream is heaven in a cup! Hubby ate his half with gusto, then declared he was full for hours :). I was glad we shared a cup because the pastry cream is a bit much for me. I think for next time I will put less serving of pastry cream in each cup. Maybe less cream, more cupcake, and more chocolate sauce :).


  1. Great job, Jenn! Is there any left for me?

  2. God, I love the cups! love the background you used on the front photo - orange chiffon, orange background!

    Like you, I went the half route as well and like you love the recipe... and its WAY UP THERE as well - top 5 for sure.

    Unlike you, I love the pastry cream, and would have pour more on the cup! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of your glorious Bostini! These cups are so useful.

  4. I love how you went the extra mile and got the cups. They are beautiful and your Bostini looks great!

  5. That looks heavenly! I'm salivating as I look at that first picture. Yum!

  6. ב''ה

    Love that you guys got your cups together. Looks fab! Orange chocolate sounds like a nice touch.

  7. This looks wonderful and the cups that you and monica got are just fab!


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