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Monday, October 5, 2009

HCB: Hungarian Janci Torta

Here is my contribution to the 1st scheduled "bake-a-long" - the Hungarian Janci Torta.
Honestly, I was a bit hesitant of making this cake, never really made gluten-free dessert before. I wasn't sure what the combination of walnuts, chocolate, sugar, eggs, and cream of tartar would make. But I thought it would be an interesting experience and experiment :).

Here are my notes:
  • I wanted to make a small portion of this so I split the recipe in half.
  • For the pan, I used a 6 by 2 inches Fat Daddio aluminium anodized pan. Since this recipe calls for 3 inches tall pan, I encircled the inside of my pan with parchment paper for added height - per Rose's instructions. I'm glad I did this because the cake really rose high.
  • I didn't use any cake strips (ordered Rose's Silicone Cake Strips from amazon but haven't received them yet.)
  • I used Valrhona Extra Bitter chocolate.
Issues/concerns: 5 minutes before the specified time for baking, the top middle portion cracked. I'm not sure what's causing this.
Tasting impressions: This cake is very tender and moist. All the components are well balanced, I can taste slight nutty flavor and chocolate-y. The taste is much better than I expect, though I shouldn't be surprise considering Rose has excellent recipes! Bravo Rose! I have a feeling I will be loving this bake-a-long, :))))).


  1. Thanks for revising this recipe into a 6-inch cake. Perfect for those who only want enough for a few people!

    I look forward to our next baking selection!

  2. I agree with Patricia. Great idea to do a 6" cake. Thank you for testing it for us Jenn :)

  3. Hi, Jenn. I'm knit1bake1 on the blog. Nice to meet you. I made the upside down apple cake yesterday. I'll have to try this one. I used to make Hazan's almond cake (almost flourless) quite frequently, so maybe this won't be too different. I too will make a smaller version. I ordered one of the silicone strips (oops, I think I ordered one instead of two) but they haven't come yet. Beth

  4. Hi Beth! I saw your knit1bake1 name on the blog last week - right after I created this blog name - and I thought how funny! I guess lots of knitters like baking and vice versa. Nice to meet you too!

  5. Hi Jenn! You should post your Chocolate Croissant here on your blog too! I checked out the link and your croissants look yummy! It's almost 11pm here and looking at your croissants make me hungry! :)

  6. Hi Beth-
    I was interested to read your experience of this torta. I made it today and your comments match my thoughts. I am a needlepointer, so we are kindred spirits, I think.


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