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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing with natural light

I had some free time last Sunday and decided to test out the new-found source of natural light in my house: my bathroom. I am not kidding, my bathroom is south-facing and apparently it got a pretty good source of light throughout the afternoon. Who knew, I've lived here for a while and never realized. Well, in the past, I never really cared about whether there's light or not. And now that I do care, during the week I'm at work, and on the weekends I'm in the kitchen.

Anyway, I got some Satsuma oranges last week and decided it would be a good test subject for the photography.

Here they are taken with studio lights (a.k.a. natural light bulbs).

Not bad, but not impressive either.

Now here they are with natural light.

Better right?

Want more?

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your camera - find a natural light source in your house and start shooting. Even if it's in your bathroom!

Now excuse me while I go find another yummy fruit to shoot at :).


  1. Hi Jenn - I've been so behind on my blogging lately that it seems like forever since I've visited with you.

    I love shooting in natural sunlight! So much so that I want hubby to agree to a sunlight in the kitchen. Wish me luck!!


  2. THE BATHROOM? Oh wow, that is funny! I can picture you running to the bathroom with the food! Mental picture is good! But, you got to work with what you got!

  3. Beautiful photos. All the windows face the wrong way for picture taking in my house. Drives me crazy.

  4. Ahhh, lovely! The highlights and shadows really add a lot. Was it direct sunlight, or indirect/shaded?


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