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Monday, June 27, 2011

HCB: Red Fruit Shortcake

This is Red, Blue, and Purple Shortcake. So named because in addition to strawberries, I used blueberries and frozen marionberries.

I didn't use raspberries, as the recipe prescribed.

I planned to do so. Last Thursday I went to the grocery store and bought strawberries and raspberries, 2 pounds each. They were on sale, so I thought why not!

I went home and told hubby that 1 pint of raspberry is for me and 1 pint for him. I also warned him that some of the strawberries will be for dessert. So don't eat it all, I said.

On Saturday morning, I wanted about to start on the cake. First order of business, macerating the berries. I opened the fridge and found strawberries but no raspberries. Asked husband and apparently he had eaten all of the raspberries.

They were that good! :)

I was determined to have raspberries for this cake, especially since they were so flavorful (I had eaten a few of them on Thursday). I went out to go to the store, but first I stopped by the Farmer's Market, and got this loot. 

A dozen of apricots, pluots, and nectarines. I sampled a few and they were so tasty that I couldn't resist buying.

Since we have that much fruit to eat, plus some grapes and cherries, I opted out of the raspberries and used blueberries and frozen marionberries instead.

Here they are macerating.

As I planned to bake the cake in ramekins, I cut the strawberries pretty small.

Rose said to have the berries macerating for at least 2 hours. I don't know if it's because it's so hot here today (we hit 95 degrees), but after 1 hour they produced a lot of liquid already.

1/2 recipe of genoise rose made about 5 ramekins, about 60 grams each. It's not exactly precise, as each ramekin has different weight and I forgot to zero out the scale every time, so I had to eyeball the quantity in a couple of them.

The genoise rose is pretty easy to make. The hardest part is folding the flour cornstarch mixture into the egg mixture. It is hard because I try to go fast, as I don't want the egg to deflate, and then afterwards my arm feels tired.

There was a lot of liquid from the macerated berries and they are pretty red.

They make me think of grapefruits :).

Topped with the berries. Look so pretty and yummy!

Ready to be eaten!

Tasting impressions:
So good! Like the Marionberry Shortcakes, this one is becoming a favorite.


  1. Your little shortcakes look delicious; I could have gone for more than one slice of this cake. It will be a new favorite.

  2. Great idea using the ramekins! They look delicious. I'm so dragging my feet making this.
    My genoise never turn out.

  3. Beautiful cake and really beautiful pictures! I loved this cake--maybe it's time for me to start my second round of cakes.

  4. Vicki, there's a first time for everything. It will turn out this time!!!

    Marie, maybe you should do "HCB - top 5 cakes" round and bake the top 5 of your faves. That will be fun!

  5. I love how your minis turned out. Great fruit selection too. I'm envious that you found such good tasting raspberries :o)

  6. Jenn! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! And I got to tell you that bowl of fruit looks delish.. but having eaten my weight in fruit in mexico.. I think we are taking a break from anything that can be pluck from a tree!

  7. Hanaa, I got lucky last week, found organic raspberries on sale for $2 a pound! I should have bought more than 2 pounds :).

    Monica!!! Thanks for commenting from your vaca. Eating your weight in fruits sounds good. I wish I could do that here but I think I'd go broke :).

  8. ב''ה

    Your making want to make this. What a fabulous photo! :)

  9. i love that bowl of plummy fruit! i like your take on the cake, plus they look delicious.

  10. Mendy, thanks! It's good to hear from you. I hope you'll be less busy soon and all settled in your new digs so you can bake with us again. We miss you!

    ECL, when are you gonna bake the shortcake? I know you have nothing against strawberries :).


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