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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Cake, Next Cake

When I started writing the LC NC summary on Monday night, only 2 people (Lois and myself) baked this week's cake. So I started my summary by saying that this is the saddest Last Cake, Next Cake summary in the history of Heavenly Cake Bakers. I proceeded to mention that being very sad about this, it might drive me to drink horribly or stuff myself with half the cake (the latter option being more interesting than the former).

By Tuesday morning, we have Melisssa in the mix.

3 people.

I thought I can still proceed with my sad comments above and the threat to go on drinking/eating binge.

By Wednesday afternoon, we have 5 participant.

Oh well, I guess I have to change my post. It is no longer a sad party but quite a festive one :).

We also have people like Katya and Kristina, both have made this already and are nice enough to post a link to their cakes. Thanks guys!

Every single baker this week who made the Swedish Pear & Almond Cake had issues where their cake stuck to the pan. This is really puzzling. I've posted a cry for help over at Rose's forum, though haven't received any "solution" as to why.

Lois, who has been looking forward to making this cake because she loved almonds, did so unsuccessfully and successfully. Unsuccessfully because the top part of her cake stuck to the pan. Unfazed, she wrote "it wasn't pretty, but the taste is fantastic!" She then tasted the cake with some Ajerkoniak (Polish Egg Liquor that she made).

Melissa, also a lover of almonds, could not find almond paste so she used marzipan. Listing new techniques of "mixing the flour and butter together, not the butter and sugar as very interesting." She used her newly-purchased bundt tin, though sadly her cake did not quite turn out the way she expected it to be. One side of the cake looks a bit browner than the other (because of her uneven oven), some pears did not make it to the bottom of the pan, and part of her cake stuck to the pan. No matter. Her family raved about the cake and  3/4 of it were eaten quickly.

Alice's cake had a similar fate as Lois'. It didn't brown well in the pan and the top of the cake, where the pears were, completely stuck to the pan. She skipped the almond paste because she hate marzipan and thought it would be similar. "The pear were pretty tasteless, the cake itself was very nice. It was light and airy in texture with a simple, straightforward flavor."

Vicki made Zach's La Bomba to catch up, calling it a "chocolate extravaganza." She had doubts about the chocolate cake part but then claimed it was "packed with flavor," so much so that it caused her daughter to "point out it would be perfectly acceptable to stop right there." Vicki had issues with un-molding but it was all well in the end, with everyone liking the dessert. You can read about her Swedish Pear & Almond Cream cake that she made back in Nov 2010 here. I think Vicki is the next person who will be done with the book. She probably has less than 5 cakes left. How exciting is that!!!

Mendy made the Chocolate Raspberry Trifle to catch up. His kitchen is not set up yet (there is a photo of a bunch of opened boxes and appliances on the floor) but that didn't stop him from baking. And this is why he is our FEATURED BAKER. I am breaking the rule as he did not make this week's selection (I don't know if he had made it since he did not post the link to it). But it is so exciting to have him back as we have all missed him. Welcome back Mendy!!!

Next week we have our first FREE CHOICE. You know the drill. You can bake any cake you have missed from the book. Or bake something you have made because it is that good or because you want a different variation (example: peach upside-down vs. apple upside-down). Or something that you have made but it didn't quite turn out the way you liked it and it's been nagging you ever since (causing sleep deprivation) and you just have to bake it again.

The possibilities are endless.

Disclaimer: Comments about drinking/eating binge is meant solely for comedy purpose. It is in no way reflect my habit/ personality nor it is intended to suggest that readers should go on a drinking/eating binge.


  1. I love the Mendy is back tooo! And with such a bang too! Don't look for my post this weekend - we are celebrating Tom's birthday and wonder os wonders he did not choose the APPLE CHARLOTTE (THANK GOD!) but a trifle (my grandmothers recipe)... but, if I feel like it I may catch up with an easy one on Monday...

    BTW, Totally love the new layout!

  2. Great summary Jenn! You're doing really well keeping us troops from lagging behind.

  3. Funny write-up, Jenn. I'm glad it was festive in the end :o)
    Congrats Mendy!!

  4. My pan is silicon. I wonder if that matters, but muffins in my silicon pans usually come right out.

  5. I have to try this..i always wanted to try this..swedish pear but just never got around..nevermind about now that my mixer is in my new place..and i'm still stuck at my old place

  6. All the sticking on the Swedish Pear and Almond Cake is a real mystery--I looked back at my post on it and it came out beautifully. ( On the other hand, I recall that my Whipped Cream Cake stuck horribly when almost everyone else's came out, so who knows?

  7. neither woody nor i had sticking problems with this cake so i'm wondering if you are using the same nordicware non-stick pan and spraying it with baker's joy. somehow with that combination i never have sticking as long as i use enough baker's joy to coat well. also, if the pears sank to the very bottom then the juices might have leaked through and produced sticking. my pears have some cake between the pear layer and what becomes the top of the cake that during baking was the bottom. if the batter doesn't set quickly enough they will sink more. hope that helps.

  8. ב''ה

    I updated my post and you can now find the link to my original Swedish Almond Pear Cake post.


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