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Monday, September 17, 2012

Devil's Head Lookout

I am catching up on my post, :).

We took some road trips this summer.

One Saturday we went to Devil's Head Lookout.  It is a US Forest Service fire lookout southwest of Denver. To get to the lookout tower, we hiked this beautiful 1.4 miles, 951 feet elevation trail.

The Rocky Mountains in the distance.

After a 2 hour hike, we almost got to the Tower. Now climbing 143 stairs.

The fire lookout. The original tower was build in 1912.

View from the top!

On a clear day, they say you can view 100 miles in each direction.

100 miles!!! I think that's pretty cool.

Coming down the stair is much scarier than climbing it! 

I took more pictures on the hike down.


All in all, it was a good hike and an afternoon well spent. We will definitely come back to visit.

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