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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Golden Hour

When I started reading up on photography, especially landscape and portrait photography, and I quickly run into a term called the Golden hour.

The Golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. The sun during this time is lower in the sky, and thefore it produces a softer and more diffused light. This type of light is more flattering.

A lot of professional photographer swears by this and some even go as far as saying that they only shoot during the Golden hour.

I am not a morning person and there is no way I am getting up at dawn before the sunrise, not even with the promise of a good picture or a cup of good coffee. So shooting around sunrise is out of the option.

A few days ago, I came home earlier from work to a nice golden light around the neighborhood. The sky is blue and clear and the weather was perfect.

I quickly changed, grabbed my camera, and went for a walk.

My Golden hour moment only lasted about 1/2 hour before the sun sets, but it was good for practice and experiment.


  1. I hear you. Morning would also not be for me. Like the shots you took on your evening walk!

  2. Beautiful, Jenn! The golden hour really is magic. I wish I got out there at those times more often. But like you, morning isn't an option, and in the evening it's usually dinner time. But wow that light is something else.
    I particularly like your bridge shot.

  3. The gold hour is my favorite time to shoot - some of my favorite photos were taken just before sunset. I LOOOOOVE the bridge shot you got. Stunning!!

  4. i love you bridge shot too, but your grass photo is my fave. i love the texture!

  5. This is the sole reason I don't do a lot of landscape photography :D...


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