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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We spent a couple of weeks in Europe this year for vacation. First stop, Salzburg.

Never been to Austria before, we were plenty excited.

The trip started well with a beautiful sunset over the horizon as our plane ascended into the sky.

Not wanting to miss out any minute of our vacation, as soon as we landed we headed to aplace called Konigssee (the royal lake).

After a couple of hours at the lake, we headed to our hotel, in the city of Salzburg.

Mozart's birthhouse.

Lots of Asian tourist there.

Crossing the bridge again after it gets dark.

The next day, after a full night's sleep out of exhaustion, we woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

The breakfast, I mean. Raisin danish with coffee.

This street musician was nice enough to pose for me. I love his outfit and his expression!

Salzburg Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral.

Main square with the Hohensalzburg Castle in the background.

Mr. Mozart :).

Snack - butterbrezel. It's basically plain bread with butter in the middle. It looks more interesting than it actually tasted but I'm glad I did!

This is probably one of the strangest lunch I've ever had. 2 Austrian sausage with bread, horseradish (the shredded yellow thing), and 2 different kinds of mustard.

Apple strudel for dessert.

With our tummies full, we hiked up to the castle. There is actually a train to go up there, would be easier, but we decided to hike up.

And I was glad I did. How else am I going to take some of these pictures.

Inner courtyard of the castle.

St. George's Chapel.

There are several restaurants around the castle exterior, overlooking the city.

Concert and dinner, the important things in life.

Some shots from the castle museum.

The view overlooking the city!

After over half a day of walking, we figured we deserved to treat ourselves to an expensive "orange juice" imitation (4 euro!)

I love the waiter's dress!

We took the train down and here is a shot of the tracks.

Mozart chocolates are available everywhere!

We passed by a dinner and I had to take a picture of all these potatoes product.

And seafood!

These two guys were really funny, whistling and imitating bird noises and funny gestures.

They are many bridges crossing the river in Salzburg. One of them, called the Makart Bridge, has a lot of love padlocks on it.

And finally, for dinner, we went to a nice seafood restaurant that the hotel recommended.

Grilled branzino with grilled vegetables.

What's left of the poor branzino.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Stay tuned for more travel pics...


  1. Looks like someone had a fun summer! Beautiful pictures Jenn, looks like you got a lot of usage on your camera!

  2. Thanks Monica! It was a really fun trip - I've missed it already :).

  3. Beautiful place and beautiful photos, Jenn. Great job in capturing and sharing with us.

    I wish I can go there myself. We (me and #Q) did plan to go to Europe (Austria included) while relocating from Japan. It's supposed to be a 1.5 month backpacking trip. But it's not easy for us (Indonesian) to get visa to Europe -- especially when you are unemployed and no longer a student hahaha... will try again sometime in the future.

  4. Gm, you will get there (I'm sure of it!). Just make sure you go before you start having kids, :).

  5. oh, i spent almost a year living in munich and traveled to salzburg twice. your photos are wonderful; they took me right back to those germanic alpine places.

  6. Hi Jenn, Beautiful photos. Such a nice mix of landscapes, people and food. I loved the lake photos and it looks like you had wonderful blue sky weather. I'll have to add Salzburg to my bucket list. We saw Don Giovanni this year and it had been adapted to have a very stupid ending - apparently a bunch of vigilantes make Don Giovanni pay for his sins (instead of one of his conquest's father haunting him from the grave). Not that we know that much about Mozart but we were looking forward to a Mozart opera and then came away a bit disappointed in the 'improvements' to the story.

  7. ECL, how lucky of you to get to live there! We didn't get to see Munich. Next time!

    Melissa, yes add Salzburg to your bucket list. I'm sorry to hear about Don Giovanni, but at least you get to hear some Mozart music live.


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