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Sunday, August 14, 2011

HCB: German Chocolate Cake

I had mixed feelings about this cake. On one hand, I love the chocolate cake base. I've made it last year for the chocolate ice cream cake and it was delicious. On the other hand, the combination of condensed milk, pecans, and coconut does not sound appetizing. I have nothing against the individual ingredients but together I'm not sure about them.

With all my hesitations, I was pretty glad that the cake is easy to put together. The chocolate cake starts off like most of Rose's oil based chocolate cake, mix cocoa powder with boiling water until smooth. Let cool to room temperature.

Next, combine the cooled cocoa powder mixture with the yolks and canola oil in the mixer. Whisk until incorporated. Add into it all the dry ingredients in two additions. Then add in the egg whites.

Pour into 2 pans. In this case, I used 2 6 inch pans since I make 40% of the recipe. Initially I wanted to make 1/2 the recipe and baked it in 2 7 inch pans, but given this cake feeds 14-16, I decided to make 40% of it.


For those of you fearing splitting recipe, it's not that scary. Let's say for this cake you want to make 40% also. On page 470 of the book Rose has listed all the cake pans and their volume. A 6 by 2 inches pan = 3 3/4 (3.75) cups and a 9 by 2 inches pan = 8 2/3 (8.67) cups. Using a calculator on my phone, I did the math: 3.75/8.67 = 0.43, rounded down it becomes 0.4 (40%).

Still with me?

Then I multiple all the weigh measurement in the book by 0.4 and wrote it down.

Writing it down in the book makes it so much easier. This way, I would avoid messing up and getting the wrong measurement for an item. Sure, the book is now not perfect. But if you're like me, you'd have smears of chocolate on some pages and drips of water on other pages.

Back to the cake, while the cake is baking, I made the frosting. Unlike some other frosting, this one is very easy. Mix the yolk with condensed milk and butter and cook over medium heat, stirring all the time! :) Once it thickened a bit, add in the vanilla, pecans, and coconut and cook for one minute.

Frosting the cake could not have been easier!!! I don't have to worry about being even, don't have to frost the sides. I was very happy about that :).

Tasting impressions:
Hubby liked it. He said it's pretty good. He also said that it doesn't look like a sweet cake. "It looks like there's cheese on it or something." As for me, I liked it as well. I can't say it would be on the repeat list, but maybe it would be something to bring to a party.


  1. oh my goodness, Jenn. Your German Chocolate Cake is so incredibly beautiful! I want to take a bite!

  2. could one cake LOOK any more tempting!! I just want to scoop all that drippy frosting up and shovel it in my mouth. This is truly gorgeous!

  3. It does look good (love the first pic).. and since I love coconut and Sweetened condensed milk, I'm sure that I would like it too... and I love the chocolate base, I still remember it from the ice cream cake. You may have convince me to make this and then give it away.

    And btw, your book looks just like mine, chocolate smears and all.

  4. Wow this cake looks gorgeous and so delicious! Love your blog and so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  5. Your cake looks so wonderful. Am left craving for it. nice photos.

  6. jenn, that second photo is magazine perfect! i write in my book too--all over the place :) yours is quite restrained by comparison.

  7. What a lovely cake, Jenn. And I love your cake stand! As for writing in books, I have only recently talked myself into doing that (I used to write notes on sticky notes and attach them to the pages in the book). Now I use a pencil to write notes in the book. And in most cases, I put my book in a splatter-proof book stand/holder so it doesn't get dirty (sorry to be the odd duck - I guess this stems from my high school days where we had to take really good care of our books) :o)

  8. Jane and Sasha, thank you for your comments on the cake :)!

    Monica, what are you waiting for? Go make it now!

    Kelly, thanks for following :).

    ECL, I'm glad you liked the 2nd photo.

    Hanaa, I do have a splatter-proof book stand somewhere - gift from a friend. I should go dig it up and use it (though it might be too late for this book hehe).

  9. The cake was very nice. I like it.. Looks very delicious. Keep it up. Thanks for this blog.

  10. Ohh I love the look of that German Chocolate Cake. Mom and Granny will be very delighted if I made them this cake.

  11. Is it possible to list measurements for frosting ingredients?

    1. Hi Sonya, I'm sorry, due to copyright laws I won't be able to post the ingredients for the frosting. If you have access, this book (Rose's Heavenly Cakes) is worth the investment. Or try to see if your local library carry it.


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