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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Cake, Next Cake

The slowest week for HCB, with 2 participation. This made writing LC NC depressing. I know some of you have other plans/things going on, ECL made an awesome 3-tiered wedding cake for her friend, Melissa is probably knee-deep in kitchen remodeling, Hanaa has other baking commitments. But I wonder where everyone else is. And whether we will last until November.

Lois made the Ingots in mini 3.75 inches pan. The bigger pan made it possible for her to layer more plum slices on top of the cake, making them look like an open-faced flower. The little cakes were so good that Lois and her husband momentarily abandon their recent vow to watch calories and devoured one cake each. "The plums were so fruity, the crust so nutty, we couldn't help ourselves. I didn't even use a fork - just picked the little thing up and ate it like a cookie."

Kristina, made the same mistake as me and not realizing that the batter needs to be refrigerated for 6 hours (this makes me feel better). She used apricots for these ingots and baked them in muffin tins. I love Kristina's honestly in admitting that she was most excited about the fact that she didn't have to share many of the ingots with her husband, "because this is a dessert with cooked fruit in it! Score! :) He’s very much a texture eater, and cooked fruit just isn’t something he enjoys." This makes her the FEATURED BAKER for this week. As for the flavor of the ingots with apricots, "the apricots are the most prominent flavour in these, making it absolutely delicious to my tastes. It’s not overly sweet, the ground almonds hide in the background, texture-wise."

Next week we have FREE CHOICE, which means it's an opportunity to catch up. I have a post ready to go, (it's a cake I haven't blogged about) and will take this weekend as an opportunity to bake ahead.


  1. Congrats, Kristina! I love the look with apricots.

  2. Congratulations to Kristina! and I totally agree with her husband that cook fruit is yucky!

    I know I have not participated (my bad) but the options are those that do not call my name and not being inspired by what I'm cooking is one of my downfalls.. but FREE CHOICE! yeah.. so I'm totally going for it..and german chocolate cake next is totally on! You will see me around these parts.. jejeje

  3. Lois, the apricot one is really pretty isn't it?

    Monica, most of the remaining cakes I'm not motivated to make - which is why I skipped them in the fist place. My No.1 motivation right now is to finish the book (11 cakes to go - hurrah!)
    I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next 2 weeks :).

  4. I just posted my ingots! Jenn, don't despair, I'll be baking with you until the very end. I might even double up on some weeks so that I can do repeats of previous fails. (pineapple upside downs and molten lava thingys, i'm looking at you.)

    btw i just found fresh currants at the market! i remember somebody saying they freeze well, so i bought some with the hope of using them to decorate the bernachon etc at the end.

    congrats kristina! your front porch is looking so pretty.

  5. ECL, THANK YOU!!! Glad to know that you'll be with me till the end. In the end... (breaking into Linkin Park song.)

    Speaking of failed things, I've made Genoise Rose 3 times - the 1st two times failed (and those are the ones I blogged about), the 3rd time was a success (but wasn't documented). I wonder if that counts?

  6. trying to get a recipe right THREE times totally counts!! you know i would burn the recipe after two failed attempts :)

  7. ב''ה

    I'm a little behind. Just managed to gather the ingredients for the whip-cream cake from two weeks ago. I won't be able to attempt it until Friday though...

  8. I made the silly plum ingots (though mine were blueberry) but as soon as they came out of the oven we took off for Sydney to see Mary Poppins, stage show and forgot to take photos of the completed tarts. My 9year old daughter and I were in Sydney for a couple of days, were smitten with Mary Poppins and have been singing show tunes for a few days. Hah. I'll add my half completed photos of ingots to next week's free choice. We've already had family discussions about what the free choice shall be....cheesecakes are popular around cakes are cute...I know we're back to chocolate soon so probably not one of those...and yes that stupid kitchen remodelling. It was fun to escape for a few days.

  9. Looky, I can post again :)

    Not sure why, or why I couldn't for so long, but happy to be back here spoutin' off.

    Schedules and heat in the summer always put a damper on my baking, perhaps others are similarly inclined. A bit of cool weather may liven things up!


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