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Monday, August 1, 2011

HCB: Plum Round Ingots

I think this is the first time in my almost two years baking Rose's cakes that I don't have to use any mixer to make a cake. I use food processor though, as the recipe calls for, so that's something. But still. It feels funny. I'm not complaining. It's nice not to have to wash the mixer bowls for a change!

These ingots are very easy to make. So easy that I didn't even bothered reading the recipe before starting and totally missed that the mixture needs to be refrigerated for 6 hours. By the time I found this out, it was noon.

What's a girl to do?

Cheat of course. And only refrigerated it for 4 hours :). And they turned out fine. I think.

Anyway... Let me introduce you to the cast and crew of this short production.

The toasted almonds. I toast it for 7 minutes but they look a bit more brown than they should. They smell really good though.

Heavenly beurre noisette.

The yummy plums. The star of the show.

The egg whites refused to make an appearance. It's a bit shy.

Here is the combination of almost all the cast and crew, measured and ready for the plums' appearance.

Tasting impressions:
As cute as these cakelets look, I am really not a fan of ingots. It tastes too nutty from the combo of almonds and beurre noisette. Nevertheless, this goes into the I'm-glad-I-only-make-1/2-recipe-and-now-I-can-scratch-it-off-the-list bucket.


  1. You got beautiful flowers out of these! I loved the nutty taste. My only complaint would have bee too eggy. :)

  2. Jenn, your ingots looks soooo pretty! I love that the egg was too shy for photos :) I've got to go get my plums so I can get these done.

  3. I'm in love with your fabric and the first picture.. the look good enough to eat (for someone else that loves fruit in their sweet, but that picture tempts me so!).

  4. Absolutely stunning colors - what a tantalizing treat! Note to self - stop at the farmer's market for plums, and pick up mini tart pans.


  5. This is so much fun for me! Every time you make another cake, I think, "Oh I loved that cake!" This was one of my favorites, but then I don't think something exists that's too nutty for my taste.

  6. ECL, thanks for noticing the humor in the egg whites :)

    ButterYum, thanks for the comments. I'm looking forward to seeing your little ingots.

    Marie, I'm so glad you're having fun. Is it enough to make you miss us and come back as a guest post?

  7. Amazingly beautiful flowers are these tarts, Makes me hungry......... Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  8. Jenn, the ingots turned out so cute!!!! Too bad you weren’t too crazy about them. I don’t mind a nutty flavor (especially the “almond” kind) so I’ll have to consider these for the upcoming Free Choice week.


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