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Monday, July 12, 2010


I just got a new camera and I can't put it down! Well okay, that's not really true. But it is making me want to take pictures of every food.

When the camera arrived, the only picture-worthy food in the house were bananas.

Yes, I know, not a very exciting group of bananas.

So then I went grocery shopping and whipped up some yummy dishes.

Those are Chicken Marbella and Sweet & Sour Chicken. They are from I've been trying their recipes a lot lately and have been loving each dish.


  1. JENN!!!!!! AWSOME PHOTOS!!!! guess you read the manual or you went clicker happy all weekend long! Congratulations they look fabulous! Specially the first one!

  2. Great photos!! LOL! I laughed when you said all you had in the house were bananas..but the banana photo looks great!

  3. "Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas to-daaay!" Beautiful photos. What kind of camera did you buy?

  4. Super pics! Love the banana one. I got a Canon Rebel and have still not figured it out. I just point and shoot. I should be ashamed bec I whined about using my phone and now I don't take advantage of the nicer camera. What kind did you get?

  5. Yes, what kind of camera did you get? Your photos are beautiful--such great light and color and detail, even of the bananas!

  6. Fab photos - do tell!


  7. I got a Sony Cybershot HX1. I was using a 5 year old Sony Cybershot - will still use it but not for taking food pictures :).

    Joan - I'd love me a Rebel, but I thought I'll use the Sony more just because it's lighter.

    Thanks to Monica's encouragement, I have been reading the camera manual, :).

    Butteryum - it's good to hear from you!!


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