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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

This month I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of baking from RHC with the Heavenly Cake Bakers.

I have baked 46 cakes from the book:
20 (out of 39) Butter and Oil Cakes
11 (out of 19) Sponge Cakes
6 (out of 13) Mostly Flourless Cakes and Cheesecakes
9 (out of 23) Baby Cakes - I am not counting the 3 frosting recipes in this section

One more cake and I will be exactly halfway done with the book yay!

It has been a really good year. I have learned A LOT! I have grown from not liking cakes so much to loving cakes. I have learned to appreciate weighing ingredients. I also have accumulated a lot of cake pans, decorating tools, 2 oven thermometer, 2 instant thermometer, 5 kinds of sugar, 9 kinds of flour (well, okay some of them are from bread baking ^_^).

Most importantly, I have met a lot of really nice and cool bakers out there who - even though I have not met in person - I am proud to call my friends.

So to Rose, Marie, all my HCB friends, and all of my Rose's forum friends, here's to 1 year of baking, and let's hope the next year will be just as exciting :).


  1. A lot of anniversaries going around today :)
    I need to tally up my cakes as well.. but I'm sure that I don't have has many as you.

  2. It's been a fun year, hasn't it? I remember being in the middle of my kitchen remodeling project this time last year and had to wait before I could start baking with you all :o)
    I counted my cakes from RHC yesterday and I'm at 22. That's only half of your totally :o)

  3. Congratulations! 46!! You have been a very faithful baker.

    I, too, find myself thinking of and referring to the HCB group as friends.

  4. congrats to one year! i can't believe you didn't like cake much before this began! i think of you all as my baking friends too.

  5. happy anniversary! :) glad we all had fun together for the year! time flies so quickly doesn't it? so scary at times!

  6. ב''ה

    Hear! Hear! Cheers to friends! :)

  7. Wow - look at all those cakes! Amazing. Can you believe it?


  8. Jenn, check this out. Rose just blogged about your cake!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

    Congratulations!!! :o)

  9. Congrats on one year of baking through RHC! 46 cakes is quite impressive. I think I'm at 10. I love your collage of cake pictures.

  10. Wow, what a great picture of all those miracles! Congratulations. It has been fun being here with you.


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