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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Identity Crisis

Yes I know. I am having an identity crisis. Yesterday I announced I am considering moving to wordpress - I even posted the Many-Splendored Quick Bread there. Today I am modifying my blogger blog :).

I do like wordpress, there are more themes to choose from and more settings to use, but it is slower to load. And I really do not like having to approve comments! So those are the downsides that I do not like.

Oh well, I will figure out which one I want to use - eventually :).


  1. I use wordpress so I just wanted to let you know that the approve all comments is set as the default. However, you can also choose to not approve any comments or to approve the first time someone comments (and then it goes in automatically for that person after that). Hope that helps.

  2. LOL! Ok..please let us know once you decided so i know where to follow you too..:) Actually i find that now blogger has more can even choose the back drop pictures that they provide...but i can't compare with wordpress since i not used it before.


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