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Friday, March 16, 2012

FO Friday 10

Project: Ishbel
Needle: US 5
Yarn: 1 skein of Malabrigo Sock in Boticelli Red

This is my first completed Ishbel and I LOVE it!

It will be a gift for my friend for her birthday this month. I am a bit sad to let it go but it is going to a nice home where it will be loved so that makes me happy.

I used all but 2 grams of yarn.

I love the pattern. The stockinette portion is a bit boring but went by fast. The lace pattern is really fun. I added size 6 Miyuki glass beads in the topaz colorway. The bead color works well with the yarn color and I like how it sparkles.

I made the large stockinette and large lace (A, B, A, B, A, C, D, E). Adding beads on the same placement as lmknits did:
  • For Chart A, B, C: for the right side of chart, place bead in row 1 on the 5th stitch between the YOs of each repeat section. For the left side of chart, place bead in row 1 on the 4th stitch in the repeat section. 
  • For Chart D and E: place bead on the 1st stitch of each repeat section.

Please check out Tami Ami's blog for more fabulous FO's.


  1. This is the most beautiful Ishbel I've seen!!!!

  2. Oh my, this is absolutely stunning!!!

  3. This is beautiful, to say the least, WOW!!



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