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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snap Thursday: Waterfall

When I was taking pictures of the fall foliage last week, I hear some water flowing. Looking around a bit, I saw this. Not sure if this qualifies as a waterfall, as it is very short. But it was a good opportunity to practice water photography :).
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  1. Lucky you that you get to have waterfalls! in Florida is PONDS - with lots of alligators - no waterfall - sigh.

    Beautiful Jenn.. what settins did you have your cameara on (we should start posting the settings in our snap thursday, just to give a quick lesson if anyone wants to try duplicating the technique)...

    Mine is boring, compare to yours! head over to

  2. Hey Monica, thanks for the photo compliments. As for settings I've been using the manual mode 100% of the time.


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