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Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Hawk

Last month on one of our road trips, we went to one of the state parks. We were unimpressed so there's nothing to report. But on the way back my husband suggested that we stopped by Black Hawk so I could at least have some nice pictures.

He was right, :).

Black Hawk is a small gambling city here. We don't gamble (I'd rather spend my money at the mall) but it was nice to visit and walk around.

I hope you liked the pictures!

Free tram goes around the city.
This hotel looks menacing in black & white, don't you agree?

Some fall colors start appearing.
On the way back we saw a nice river by the rocks. We pulled over to take some pictures. Unfortunately there are electrical poles everywhere, so they kinda ruined the shot. But the river still looked nice, I think :).


  1. ohh Jenn, your driving photos reminded me when we lived in Ft. Collins and would take a drive up to Estes Park for picnis at the National park... electrical poles and all... thanks for the flash back!

  2. Stunning photos... love all the colors you captured!

  3. Colorful building... nice! :-)

  4. Like the B&W shots of the hotel and landscapes, and the very first image as well!
    Hope that was a great trip..

  5. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Your photos are wonderful. I've just got this month's National Geographic and there's an article on Ansel Adams and some of your black and whites remind me of his style. Stunning.


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