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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Cake, Next Cake

Only 1 person this week made the Angel Food Cake, but a couple of you did bake some catch up cakes up. Thank you!

Mendy made the Ginger Cheesecake as cupcakes. He prefers cheesecake as cupcakes as they are easier to make. Mendy's post is really short so I don't have much to report. The cheesecakes were really delicious and now that he knows how to make ginger juice he wants to try making lemon-zest ginger ice cream.

Kristina made the Chocolate Ingots as a catch up cake. Kristina has several issues with the making of this cake. First, the caramel won't stick to the cocoa nibs, so it's not really caramelized cocoa nibs, but "some caramelized sugar and toasted cocoa nib." Then, she's confused about the recipe whether she's supposed to have the batter rest for an hour or not. I don't have my book with me so I can't tell what's correct. Finally, the little cakelets came out weird looking. "My ingots were all crater-y." And finally, Kristina is probably the only person in the club who has the same feelings about ingots as I do. We both don't like them much. Phew! I'm so happy to hear this because that means I'm not alone. (Kristina, I'm giving you a virtual high five right now!).

Jane made the cutest Angel Food Cake. Multiplying the recipe by 3 and baking in a sheet pan, Jane cut the cake into little squares, making them into petit fours. She used Martha Stewart's petit four icing recipe and piped blue icing on top of them with different design.

Jane also made the Karmel Cake. Caramel and Jane does not get along. Failing her 1st attempt (it was overdone), Jane started over, her 2nd attempt at caramel was more successful. So successful that she made it again so she'd have more. The cake turned out so good, too good, that some furry animal felt he/she has to take a piece of it. In the end, all is well. "It turned out to be an amazing cake though.  The caramel on top was an especially wonderful addition.  I can't eat enough of it.  There's only one slice left and we only started eating it this afternoon.  Everyone absolutely loved it and even scraped their plates clean."

Our cake next week is the Molten Chocolate Souffle and Lava Cakes. I've made this cake and it is good. GOOD! So for you chocolate lovers who are reading this, don't miss this cake. The week after that is our last FREE CHOICE. After that one we have 4 cakes left, plus 1 wedding cake (which would be the 1st week of December - the week after Thanksgiving).


  1. High Five right back at you, Jenn!

    I just realized I forgot to post links to my Angel food cakes in my post.

  2. I am SO EXCITED about the molten chocolate souffle and lava cakes. I've been waiting for this one from the beginning.


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