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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rose's Crescent

Hanaa and I had so much fun baking the Panettone together last December so we decided we should bake together more often. We don't want to have anything formal like a baking club but more of "let's bake together when we feel like it." This way works better because it's more flexible and easier.

We both own Rose's Christmas cookies but have not used it much so we decided that's what we will bake from. Hanaa chose Rose's Crescent for this round of bake-a-long.

This recipe makes 5 dozen cookies. Not wanting to have that many cookies around the house, I made 1/5 of it. Yes 1/5. The math is not hard. Rose gives everything in grams and I have a calculator on my phone.

Since the recipe is so scaled down, I mix everything by hand in a bowl. It is actually quite fun to try to "cream" the butter manually. Of course we are talking about 45 grams of butter only. I doubt I would still call it fun if it's 8 oz or 16 oz.

After mixing, the cookies went to the refrigerator to "rest." 2 hours later, shape the cookies into little crescents.

1/5 recipe yield 10 little crescents.

The cookies baked for about 15 minutes. After the 10 minute cooling time, dip them in cinnamon sugar. I got a little carried away with the cinnamon and poured too much into the sugar. One of the cookies was very cinnamon-y.

Tasting impressions:
I was a bit apprehensive about this recipe at first because of all the butter in it. I don't like cookies that are too butter-y. But this is SO GOOD! It has just the right amount of butter taste and the right amount of sweetness. The only complain I have is that I wish it has more almond flavor. Maybe I will try to add some almond extract next time (yes there will be a next time!).

Recipe: Rose's Christmas Cookies


  1. They turned out great, Jenn. And I'm glad you like them. They were buttery, but not too buttery. I didn't want to have that many cookies either so I made 2/5 of the recipe. As for the almond flavor, what kind of almonds did you use? I used almonds with skin in mine and wonder if that's why I found the almond flavor to be more noticeable. Another great bake-along. Very much looking forward to your pick :o)

    My post can be found here:

  2. They look great! I love that we just can't stop baking with each other :)


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