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Sunday, August 7, 2011

HCB Free Choice: Marble Velvet Cake

The first time I made this cake, it turned out so well. I used Hector's conversion to make it in a round cake pan. The cake marbled beautifully and baked up flat. At that time I didn't take a photo. It was late by the time the cake was done and I didn't make the ganache, so I thought next time when I make it I will take a photo.

Since the rules of this bake through is that you must blog about the cakes, here I am giving this cake a redo. This time I made 1/6 recipe of it (Marie, are you reading this?), baked in a 4 inch pan (volume measure 1 3/4 cup), it is teeny tiny.

cake batter, ready for the oven
The cake is easy to put together. Given the small quantity, I was initially going to mix it in a hand mixer. But I think my bowl is too shallow because when I mix the butter with the dry ingredients they spun and splattered everywhere, up on the bowl, onto the countertop, my shirt, etc etc. It wasn't pretty. So I moved everything to the stand mixer.

the baked cake
The cake baked up really fast, given its small size. I was thinking and hoping that it would turn out well. But  whaddayaknow, it didn't. The cake looks like it baked up and marbled well. The slice picture looks good in the photo, but the middle of the cake is half baked - even though my toothpick came out clean and all. Weird.

Tasting impressions:
I couldn't eat this cake. It tasted okay but the texture is odd, halfway between batter and baked cake. Hubby loved it. He said it tasted like marzipan and he finished the cake himself. He was very  happy that he had the cake all to himself. I'm glad he liked it and glad that I made a mini version, it's the perfect size for a snack.


  1. Indeed I am, you crazy girl. I have never made 1/6 of a recipe in my life (and, given my limited math skills, probably never will). Do you think that accounts for the way it turned out?

  2. That is what I keep telling her Marie! she is crazy.. just doing the math alone is nuts! But I do like the tiny cake.. cute. I joined up this week.. and with a fruit cake... aren't you proud?

  3. Marie, I'm not sure it's the small size. When I made the Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake I had the same issue, and I made the full recipe ( Maybe I did something wrong with the mixing? I will have to try this again.

  4. Monica, yes I'm proud of you for making the apple cake. It's about time :))).

  5. well you hid the mushiness really well--great decorating job! as this cake is my most favorite i am bummed it didn't come out well for you, but i am heartened to know you have made it successfully, and in round cake form to boot! i agree that you are crazy for breakng a recipe down to 1/6!

  6. What a shame, it still looks goddarn yummy though! :)

  7. Love the presentation, it looks great!

    Sorry about the underbaking, sometimes a particularly crispy crust can wipe a toothpick clean, not sure if that was what happened here. A thermometer totally eliminates any guesswork :)

  8. ECL, the successful version was so good. And I am determined to make this again as I do love velvet cakes.

    Sasha, the little cake was all eaten by hubby, :).

    Julie, you're back!!! So it might not be baked through even though the time is done huh? I really need to start using thermometer :).

  9. I guess baking, like life, has it's ups and downs, huh? Things don't always go according to plan. I might eventually have to get onto the scaling down bandwagon, but not yet...heheh. Mostly leftovers have been really well received in my house. And my husband often says baking ruins a good batter, so I'm sure I'd find that little morsel gobbled up in my house as well.

  10. Jenn, I use the thermometer as a back up- when I think the cake is done by looks/ toothpick, I pull it out and immediately check the internal temp. Needs to be at least 190F and a few cakes need 200. If it looks done and tests clean but the thermometer only reads 175, I know to pop it back in immediately. Similarly, if it reads too high then I know it may end up being dry and I should syrup or something to help offset that.

  11. Melissa, I'm glad that both our hubbies like the cake batter. Otherwise no one would eat the "half-baked" cake (at least in my house) - and that would make me very sad.

    Julie, thanks for the low-down on the thermometer. I just ordered a faster thermometer (mine was slow), so I'm looking forward to trying out your technique.


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