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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snap Thursday - Favorite Tomatoes

My favorite tomatoes are in season!!! They are smaller, rounder, way tastier than the usual grape tomatoes I've seen, but they are grape tomatoes.

They are so good! I ate them with salad or just pop them in my mouth as snack.

How about you? What is your favorite tomatoes?


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  2. They look like "Sweet 100s". Super sweet, perfectly round, and very tiny. Definitely one of my favorites too. I'm also a fan of Campari and plumb tomatoes.

  3. These look delicious indeed. I love our homegrown pear tomatoes. They're colorful (yellow and orange), sweet and tasty. There's something about their funny shape that makes me want to eat them :o)

  4. Havind lived in Italy for 3 years, and picking my own tomatoes in our back garden, I'm a total vegetable/fruit snoob - since I know how those ingredients need to taste. I hate that the supermarket veggies'/fruit have no taste at all. Your picture remind me of my Italian garden tomatoes.. and they look like the one that come from Canada and my local supermarket sometimes carries them... they do taste like a tomato.. not the waxy, unflavor one that they usually have.

    Now I want to run home and make a simple pasta sauce with those.

    I so wish we would have a better farmer's market in my town...

  5. The number one reason I love summer: tomatoes! So versatile and delicious. We have some white tomatoes growing in our yard...they will be harvested this weekend!

  6. ButterYum, I love that word Yummolicious :).

    Hanaa, I wish I have a garden where I can grow tomatoes. These I think are pretty close to the home grown taste though.

    Monica, they're definitely not waxy. And yes I'm with you on farmer's market.

    Sarah, I've never seen white tomatoes! I hope you'll take some photos and post :).

  7. Ohhh how much! I love grape tomatoes in BBQ kabobs and scrambled eggs. This summer our local supermarket didn't have. I hope for next season I could grow some myself :)

    I am glad to visit your blog :)

  8. Absolutely BREATHTAKING! I love this image. The color is awesome. How did you process/filter? I've gotta know:)
    And sweet 100s are definitely a love of mine. Though I think my absolute favorites are these medium sized dry-farmed Early Girls we get this time of year. They are amazingly sweet!


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