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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PPB: Apple Puff Pastry

These pastries are simply so good!

I had made a batch of puff pastry back in March. For no reason other than I want to make it. When I got the Pie & Pastry Bible a couple of years ago I made puff pastry, roll it out and bake it, in the hopes of making napoleon. I didn't weigh down the pastry correctly so they all bake up and puff up all over the place. My napoleon turned out great in the taste department, but it's very rustic in the looks. Kinda like how a street looks after harsh winter, with pot holes and bumps all over the place.

Fast forward 2 years, I thought I should make puff pastry again. I didn't have any dessert in mind when I made it, or to be more correct, I want to make everything in the puff pastry section in the book. Since I can't decide, I stashed the pastry in the freezer.

Until this past weekend. Since I only have the Ingots to make, I thought it's time to dig out what's in the freezer.

I took the pastry out. Cut it in half by making the impression all around it with a serrated knife, then slamming it against the side of the counter several times until it breaks in half. I got some debris of pastry flying around. I think next time I will cut it in half before I freeze it!

Then I roll out the pastry and cut into 5 inch square (some are more square than others). Topped with thinly sliced apples and sprinkle with granulated sugar. They are then baked in the 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.

I made Rose's caramel sauce to eat with these, but we didn't even bother. Not 10 minutes after it came out of the oven, hubby and I each took a 5 inch square and wolfed it down.

Tasting impression:
Hubby: "Your apple thing is so good. One of your best. It's an 8."
Me: "Oh good. It's sort of the same as a croissant."
Hubby: "Really? No wonder it's good, I don't want to know how much butter is in it."
Me: "Yeah, let's not think about that."


  1. Butter makes everything better!

  2. I love your apple tarts. So simple but yet elegant. I’m envious of the homemade puff pastry. It’s still on my “baking bucket list”. I thought the conversation with your hubby at the end was super funny. We don’t like to talk calories either :o)

  3. You made your own puff pastry? Now that is awesome! I am totally impressed; puff pastry seems so hard and your Apple things look amazing.

  4. LOL.. the butter comment form your husband is classic! Ah crap, tom just saw these and commented "what can't I have one of those?"

    And I have to second ECL comments.. your own puff pastry??? you better post that ... because like Hanna, that is also in my kitchen bucket list. So are croissants, and filo dough.

  5. Ditto here. I assumed when you mentioned upcoming puff pastery baking that it was definitely groc puffers. Beautiful! Yummy! An 8! Wooooahhh, that's some serious dessert love. I am going to have to place offerings on an altar to whatever dessert rates a 9! 10? Never! Can't happen!

  6. Beautiful... really, really beautiful.

  7. ECL, you can totally make your own puff pastry. Especially for someone who've made a 3-tiered wedding cake!

    Monica, I didn't take any step by step pictures. But I'm planning on making puff pastry again later this year. Stay tuned!


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