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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Cake, Next Cake

I thought that after my ra-ra cheering at this dessert, there would be more participation. Alas, only 3 people made this cake. That being said, we did have 1 person playing catch up, which made me happy.

This cake is another winner for the HCBer, everyone who made it loved it.

Lola calls the Chiffonlets a "charming little dessert, not too sweet." She made them in a Maryanne pan, "which gave the perfect hollow for the absolutely yummy topping." The Kahlua syrup adds a nice dimension, making this a superb recipe.

Lois admitted she wasn't excited about this cake, but should be because it was awesome. "The flavors go together beautifully." I love following Lois' shopping adventure in Poland, where she uses the translator app on her phone to figure out which ingredients she should get. This time she discovered what looked like dulce de leche. The translator app on her phone said its "ready cooked sweetened mass."

This week's FEATURED BAKER is Jane. Jane had some adventure with the Chiffonlets, listing 5 reason why it went wrong. Most of them are time-related (i.e. not enough time), including not enough time to take pretty pictures. The good news, as she puts it, is that "they tasted great. Namely, the Dulce de Leche whipped cream tasted great." Jane made double recipe and brought them to a party, where it was a hit. "All but 3 got eaten." An awesome turnout for something that went wrong.

ECL made the Chiffonlets back in April last year so she used this past weekend to catch up and bake Red Fruit Shortcake. The cake is a breeze to make for ECL, who has made the cake part before. A new skill learned is "how to cut out a depression in the top of the cake so that one could nestle in a bunch of juicy berries." ECL brought the cake to work, where it was a hit. "Delicious. Summery. Divine."

A shout-out to both Katya and Mendy, who posted the links to their Chiffonlets posts. Katya made them in a cupcake pan, where they sank, but "still tasted good." She couldn't find neither condensed milk nor dulce de leche so she used whipped cream. Mendy made 2 batches of the cake, using an unlined muffin pan, where they unfortunately got a bit stuck. They were still great though.

An additional (and bigger) shout-out to Mendy, who announced the reason he's been off baking lately. He's been busy welcoming a new bundle of joy, her name is Naomi Qamar, an adorable and chubby little baby. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family, Mendy!!!

Next week we have FREE CHOICE. I hope some of you will participate to catch up or to just bake! I am planning on baking ahead and making the Ginger Cheesecake. The week after that we have the Deep Chocolate Rosebuds. Marie made it back in August 2009 - 2 years ago, believe it or not. The recipe calls for baking them in the beautiful NordicWare Rose Muffin Pan but would work with any other pan. It is a pretty easy cake to put together and reading Marie's post made my mouth water :).


  1. Congratulations Jane! Glad the cakelettes were a big hit with everyone despite the mishaps.

    I baked my coffee chiffon cake last year and although it looked funny, it tasted really good, and I don't normally even like coffee. You can find my post here:

  2. Hanaa, I think you copied the wrong link. Here's your post :).

  3. How silly of me (that's Jane's link I copied from your post so I could check it out). Thanks for correcting it, Jenn!! :o)

  4. Congratulations Jane!

    And congratulations Mendy!!

    Reading all of your posts this week has made me crave coffee, which barely ever happens. I need some coffee! Preferably in cake form!

    I'm very undecided for free cake week. I've got four cakes swimming around in my mind, each of them equally tempting!

  5. Sorry I couldn't join you ladies and bake something to catch up. My post on the chiffonlets is here. I was out of town this past weekend, and will be out again this coming one, so I'll plan to catch up with you all with the rosebuds!

  6. Congrats, Jane! Taste is the most important thing.

    Love your photo, Jenn. I can't wait to see what everyone makes next week. :)

  7. ב''ה

    Thanks for the shout-out(s).

    Congrats Jane! Your cakes look Fab!

    Also looking forward to everyone's free choice posts.


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