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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snap Thursday: Simple

As you've seen last week, sometimes a simple object can make an interesting photo subject.

Here are a couple of new favorites.


  1. Love the bike... the composition is awesome and I like how you turned it tinto black and white (one of my favorite ways to look at pictures)

  2. Love the tone on the first photo, Jenn. The tone and also the wood texture :-).

    I also like the tone on the b/w photo, especially the details on the pavement. Composition-wise is a bit too tight, I think. But I believe everything is personal preference :D... my opinion may be wrong :D...

    Great work, Jenn :-)

  3. Love both photos, especially the black-and-white bike picture. I took my pictures for Snap Thursday yesterday but somehow thought that yesterday was Tuesday. Oh well, I’ll try again next Thursday :o)

  4. jenn, i love both of them. i love that you are sharing how much fun you are having with photography!

    hanaa, i laughed when you said you thought yesterday was tuesday. i'm glad someone else other then me does that!

  5. Monica, thanks for liking the composition.

    GM, thanks for the feedback! I love the tone of the first photo as well.

    Hanaa, I messed days up too. Accidentally posted Snap Thursday yesterday because I thought it was Thursday!

    ECL, I'm having a blast with photography. I'm so glad you liked the photos :).

  6. I like shallow depth of field in your first photo, good framing, too.

  7. I like both, but the shot of the stairs is so intriguing. Very nice job!!


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