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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Cake, Next Cake

I think this is the 1st week where no one (except myself) made the cake on the schedule.

ECL decided to make the Tres Leches, a cake that she "faced with trepidation." Counting how many types of milky substance is in the cake (there's 5), she was relieved to find out that the cake is not terrible. Definitely not "a big soggy mess" but instead "retains its texture and toothsomeness."

Faithy is back!!! Just moved to a new apartment and been busy, hence the lack of postings, she said. She's making up for it though, having made Marble Velvet Cake, Apple-Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake, and Rose Red Velvet cake recently. "All 3 cakes are equally delicious" is the verdict.

Vicki made the Tiramisu for her son's 30th birthday. "It was easier than I thought.  I have only attempted to make it once and it was a dismal failure.  It resembled more of a brick than a light dessert.  Rose's recipe surprised me with the addition of Marsala instead of rum but I liked the flavor very much.  I also like how it's added to the egg yolks while cooking so the alcohol cooks out"

Our FEATURED BAKER this week is someone who stayed up until 11 PM making Zach's La Bomba That person is Mendy. I love how he began his post by ranting. Not a typical rant, however, because his complaint was that the dessert was "too damn small!!! For all that work it really should have been at least twice as large." Since he finished making the dessert so late at night, he doesn't bother with the 8 hour long wait and poured the glaze right away. The cake was a hit, it was gone in an hour. "This was a fantastic, unique dessert that is really above average palette."

I want to shout out a CONGRATULATIONS to Vicki, who has finished all 94 cakes in the book. However, she just told me that she wants to make the Groom's Cake from the Wedding Cake section because Marie made this back in February 2010. I know Rose "absolved" us from having to make any cake from the wedding cake section, so I don't know if you guys want to include this on the schedule. Though, if we really want to make a cake from the wedding section, one of the other cakes sound more exciting to me, but that's just my opinion. Please vote on what you all want to do and I'd go with the majority.

The voting choices:
A. Grooms Cake
B. Another cake from the Wedding Cake section
C. No cake from the Wedding Cake section - i.e. we just finish the 94 and call it DONE!

Our next cake is the No-Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake. I was somehow under the impression that this will be an easy cake. I think I got the idea from the word "no-bake" and the fact that it's cheesecake somehow makes it sound easy. However, reading the recipe last night, this cake requires you making italian meringue. This will also be an expensive dessert, seeing that it also uses almost half a pound of creme fraiche, and a pound of whipped cream cheese and sour cream (that's almost 2 1/2 pounds of fat, if you're counting). I'd say we shouldn't schedule a physical or get on a scale at any point near making/consuming this cheesecake :).

Edited to add (yes I am cheating, but considering I just posted the LC NC 2 hours ago, I'd say this count!):
Melissa made the Chocolate Tomato Cake with Mystery Ganache. She's been absent due to some major kitchen renovation. She went all out with this cake, making the full size, complete with the Pirouette cookies, just like in the book. She is finding out that her family does not share her excitement of dark chocolate ganache and chocolate cake. Melissa, always the optimist, exclaimed "just as well, I need to show off the semi-completed renovation so I can press the cake on our visitors!" Good luck with your kitchen renovation. We look forward to seeing more photos of it!


  1. oh no! why'd you tell me how many pounds of fat are in the no bake cheesecake? now that is all i will think about, at least until i taste it, i hope.

    Congrats to Mendy and Vicki!!

    I have no opinion on the voting. The groom's cake doesn't excite me but I'd do it if we wanted to. I'm making the 12 inch tier of the Golden Lemon Almond wedding cake next week and I've made the 9 inch tier of the Deep Chocolate Passion wedding cake, so I've kind of already completed choice 2 and am disqualified for choice 3. So...whatever you guys want to do! I hope the rest of you are better deciders than me :)

  2. Wait, did choice 2 mean baking all three tiers of one of the wedding cakes?? That would be so much fun as well as crazy.

  3. I think math should come into play here and make 1/3 of the cake recipe in the wedding section....

    Congratulations Mendy!

    And welcome back Faithy!

  4. ECL, no we're not going to bake the full sized 3 tier wedding cake. If we chose to do choice No.2 I will provide a scaled down version via email. From what I'm reading, it's a bit more complicated than splitting the recipe into 3 because of the leavening. I need to investigate more (consulting the powers to be/experts at Rose's forum).

  5. ב''ה

    Wow featured baker. ;)

    Big Congrats to Vicki!!! Well done. You've come a long way!

    Welcome back Faithy!

    My vote is for a grand old three tiered wedding cake for the finale (that I'll whip up in my toaster oven.) :)

  6. Congrats to Vicki & Mendy!
    Thanks..i hope i'm back..hahaha.. somehow not only have i lost mojo in baking but also in blogging too.. i was practically lost for words yesterday as i was typing my blog post..

  7. What ever y'all decide to do is fine by me.

  8. Mendy, I would LOVE to see your 3 tiered toaster oven wedding cake!!

    The wedding cake recipes are generally split into two batches, the 12 inch batch and the 9 and 6 inch batches. We could do a 9 in cake, which is about 2/3 the batch, and then isn't the baking powder about the same? We could check it against the rose factor maybe. I could be making this all up.

  9. Congrats to Mendy and Vicki!

    Since I baked out of turn, I was planning to make the Groom's cake this weekend for a party, minus the cool stadium pan, but I've been thinking that I would love to make a wedding cake.

    I'm with Mendy on this; I would like to make a 3 tiered cake. I've only made one tiered cake in my life, for my parents' 50th anniversary, and it was fun to do something so grand. My only problem would be finding enough people to eat it. Any Polish readers with a wedding coming up soon?

  10. ok guys--do i get to vote? don't miss the groom's cake. i just made it for my annual lesson to elizabeth karmel's 3 nephews and they all proclaimed it the best cake they ever ate! it's really very easy too.

  11. Rose, of course you get to vote! It is your book, after all :).

    So now current tally is Vicki & Rose for the Grooms Cake. Mendy and Lois for 3 tiered cake. Hm... problem. How about we do free choice wedding cake then?

  12. Let's be adventurous and do both!!!


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