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Monday, July 11, 2011

PPB: Designer Cherry Blueberry Pie

Last week my husband decided to surprised me with a new camera: Nikon D7000!!!

I can't even tell you how happy I was (jumping up and down and bouncing off the wall in excitement).

I have been coveting a new camera for a while, but thought I should wait.

Needless to say I was so surprised to come home one day to find a box in the room, with a bouquet of red roses, and a card.

To celebrate the occasion, I made pie, :)). It is, after all, his favorite type of dessert.

After much consideration, it was going to be either the nectarine raspberry pie or the cherry pie. When I got to the grocery store, the cherries were on sale. So cherry pie it is. For kicks, I thought I added blueberries to the mix too. I've seen such pie in a bakery so why not.

This pie is supposed to use sour cherries, but I've never seen such cherries in my life, so I got sweet cherries instead. I cut the sugar in the filling by 1/2 to compensate for the sweetness.

The crust is our favorite cream cheese pie crust. I've made this several times so it's pretty straight forward.

I need more practice in rolling out the crust, it's always uneven, either it's too long or too wide and sometimes it breaks. The edges always turn out kinda rustic.

While the crust is chilling in the freezer, I pit the cherries. Not my favorite activity, but they are so pretty!

Then I mix together the cherries, blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, and salt.

After a couple of hours, they are ready to cook.

Rolling out the leaves for the decor on top of the pie.

After the crust prebaked, I thought of moisture proofing it. You can do it with egg whites or chocolate. Since all my egg whites are in the freezer, I thought to use the Ghirardelli chocolate that I have on hand.

Once the chocolate harden, I poured the cooked filling in.

The recipe said to bake the filling for 20 minutes until it's bubbling. By 35 minutes it's still not, so I took it out.

Tasting impressions:
This is so good!!! I love the flavor of the filling and the crust is very crispy and yummy! It's sweet enough without being overly so (I am glad I cut the sugar). I'm thinking that I should make pies more often. Maybe baking through the pie section of PPB after I finish with RHC? :)


  1. OMG.. LOOOOOOVEEEEE the last picture... It makes me want to eat pie.. which as you know is crazy, since I hate pie!!! powerful photos chica.. and your hubby did so well, I'm sure he will be eating LOTS of pies for the rest of the year..

    I'm sharing your excitment as well... I'm ding the happy, joy, joy dance on your behalf and totally high fiving your sweet husband.

  2. Yay!!! A new SLR camera. That's awesome. I bet, by now, you've read the manual cover-to-cover :o) Looking forward to seeing more awesome pictures on your blog.

    Forgot to ask you earlier "where's the pie?" :o) and here it is! It's gorgeous. I love the fruit combo you chose. My favorite photo is the close-up of the pie crust ingredients. Very sharp and clear. Great shot!

  3. So exciting!! I am a teeny tiny jealous as I am still chugging away with a little Canon ELPH, but WOW your photos are so crisp and clear! I mean, your photos have been beautiful ever since the last new camera, but these are a whole new level of beauty.

    And the pie looks delicious. I have a sour cherry tree outside but this year was a sad cherry year. Sour cherries are tiny and bright red, and as you might have guessed, sour.

    I should bake my way through PPB too since I have so much trouble with pie dough.

    Your husband is awesome!

  4. Looks beautiful....but where's the cake?
    Like ECL, I'm pastry-challenged. I'm hoping to get some of the pie recipes to test in Rose's new book.

  5. Monica, I love that last photo too :).

    ECL, thanks for the compliments on the photos! You are making me bounce off the walls again. How lucky you are to have cherry tree - hopefully next year will be better.

    Marie, are you saying you don't want to have a PPB bake through? Cake was posted yesterday :).

  6. You will have so much fun with your new camera; what a great gift.

    I need to study pie techniques. I've never heard of moisture proofing a crust, but this looks wonderful!

  7. ב''ה

    Looks great! Love the leaves.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Beautiful pie!

  9. Congrats on the new camera! Your husband is awesome - and what a great way to thank him!

    This pie sounds uber delicious =)

  10. Goodness me, what a fabulous husband you have! and im pretty sure hes more than happy to receive payment in the form of delicious pies like this :) Seriously divine and your photos are beautiful!

  11. That pie looks soooo good :) Congrats on your new camera :D


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