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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snap Thursday: Clouds and a Link-y Party Invitation

This Snap Thursday post is extra special because today I'm launching a Snap Thursday Link-y Party Invitation to everyone. To join is very easy.
Post your photography post on your blog on Thursdays and leave your link in the comment section of my Snap Thursday post. Please also link back to my site.

It goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway. Please post only photos that belong to you and keep it clean (no nudity or gory stuff).

And here is my Snap Thursday photo. A cloud formation that I like. I thought to photograph it and I really like the result.


  1. I wasn't sure what the guidelines were, so I posted a photo of clouds like you. This is going to be a fun feature!


  2. Here we go... dreaming of vacation - AGAIN!

  3. Hi ButterYum, guidelines is post 1-2 photos you like. It doesn't have to be the same photo theme as me. I'm excited about the feature as well. I hope many will join in.

  4. Hey Jenn,
    I find the sky to be an endlessly inspiring photography subject. I cannot get enough... the dreamy lightness of it all. Thanks for the beauty this morning:)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love looking at cloud formations. It is always fun to look for objects within the clouds.

  7. Beautiful photo! I'm planning on joining in - great idea. Hope I remember!

    Regards, Mari


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