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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taste of Colorado

We went to A Taste of Colorado yesterday on Labor Day, located in the beautiful Civic Center Park/Capitol Hill area. It was really fun. The weather was nice and there were hundreds of people.
Our ride

Entrance and check point
Yummy Gyros
Turkey legs
Capitol Hill
Bavarian desserts

Famous Dave's Ribs
Pork sliders and BBQ
It was so hot on the walk back to the lightrail station that I could not resist stopping by Pinkberry to have some yummy yogurt. All for cooling-down purposes, of course :).

Delicious pomegranate yogurt from Pinkberry

One of the lightrail stops has all these old trains on display. They looked really cool. I love the colors.

The mountain and clouds, taken from inside the lightrail

We came home feeling good, with our tummy full from too much good food and our skin tanned from the sun. A good ending to a good day out.


  1. Jenn.. thanks for sharing... unlike you guys, we had rain over the weekend and it was overcast most of it as well.. so no fun in the sun for us! your pictures are wonderful! I can see how much you are enjoying your new toy!

  2. I had an urge to write "that's my favorite" about each and every food photo. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. We have a similar event in Tucson, officially called "Tucson Meet Yourself," but affectionately called "Tucson Eat Yourself."

  4. Monica, thanks for the comments. I hope it'll stop raining there soon...

    Lois, what a funny name "Tucson Eat Yourself." Taste of Colorado could been called that too - it was hard not to overeat.

  5. you are truly a photographer. I love looking at the pictures. it looks like a wonderful day.

  6. baby, this is my first comment on your blog. Love the pictures, nice camera work!!!

    Dan Liu

  7. As always, the pictures are gorgeous. I think you pretty much captured the essence of the Taste of Colorado. Almost feel like I was there (without feeling bloated, ha ha).

  8. Wonderful photos and looks like a fabulous event. So many yummy choices!

  9. great photo reportage!

    everyone here is talking about your new camera... so, which one did you get?

  10. Hi M,
    I got D7000. Most of the photos above were taken with Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens.

  11. great camera, have fun with it!


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