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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snap Thursday: Pine tree branch, dreamy and antique

I'm on a roll. I have 4-5 different pictures that I like and it was hard to decide on which one to share first. So here it is: pine treee branch.
I thought they looked interesting enough to shoot. I love how they're protruding above the gate and the white gate with all the greenery looks nice. Then I decided to post process them differently. The 1st one is sorta dreamy and the 2nd one is antique-looking, like an old photo.

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  1. If I have to choose, I don't know which is better. They both great, but with two completely different moods. It's amazing how tone can turn one photo into two different moods.

    I can't choose :D

  2. Thanks GM :). I can't decide either, so I posted both. And yes the mood is completely different!

  3. Darn, I missed it again! :(

    I better schedule a pic for next week's Snap Thursday ahead of time.

  4. Amazing how the color changes the overall mood.


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