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Sunday, September 4, 2011

HCB Free Choice: Whipped Cream Cake

It took me 25 tries, but I finally got this shot
This is another RHC cakes that I have made before but forgot to take pictures. Part of me wanted to kick myself for forgetting but the other part is glad that I had to redo the cake, because now I can try to take the photo like the one in the book.

The photo of this cake is one of my favorites in the book. I love the simplicity of it, and love the rain of powdered sugar coming down on the cake.

The cake is really easy to put together. I think I spent as much time putting the cake together as taking the pictures.

The method is very different than other cakes in the book. It is a whipped cream cake, so it calls for whipping the cream first. Then add the eggs vanilla mixture and sugar to it. And finally, fold in the flour and leavening in 2 additions.

As usual, when the cake is too easy I paid less attention. So I overmixed the cream. It was pretty stiff by the time I stopped the mixture.

But then it seemed to relaxed a bit once the eggs, vanilla, and sugar is added. I was relieved.

Only temporarily though, because once I started folding the flour in, the mixture became really thick. Much thicker than mayonnaise.

I was so worried!

I thought: "this is going to be a failed cake for sure. And I won't get to take the photo like in the book."

While the cake is baking, I was getting ready to redo the cake. I still have some whipped cream.

But I waited until the one in the oven finished baking.

It was good that I did, because the cake turned out fine. A bit on the crumbly side. I don't know whether it's supposed to be like that or not. But it didn't fail.


Tasting impressions
This is a simple cake with simple flavor. It is not bad but it's nothing extraordinary or super special either. It is missing some adornment, and even with a side of whipped cream it still feels incomplete. I wish I have some berries on hand. It would have been lovelier with a side of yummy berries.


  1. i do remember this cake being excellent with berries. i also remember mine at least wasn't very crumbly; more like the fine tender texture of her butter cakes.

    i love your book reenactment photo! it was worth the 25 attempts.

  2. Love this easy recipe! Happy that it turned out for you. Your photography is lovely too. I'm now following and signed up to receive your blogs via email. I'll try and remember to join in on Thursdays - what fun!

    Regards, Mari

  3. Gorgeous! I love the falling powdered sugar. I really liked this cake, mainly for its buttery flavor (despite not having any butter in it). When I make it again, I'd like to try adding some citrus zest to the batter or spices (like freshly ground cardamom).

  4. ah yes, I remember this cake well. It was so "buttery". Love your photo with the powdered sugar falling.

  5. Wonderful photos. That looks interesting.

  6. Looks like a delicious cake. Great photos, I love the first one!

  7. Sometimes the most simple foods are the most appealing!

  8. Amazing photos, and I know the cake was wonderful too!

  9. That first photo is amazing. As the blog opened it looked like it was moving!

  10. Jenn! Those photos are incredible!! So glad the cake worked out.


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