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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chocolate Madeleines

I have made madeleines several times but this is my first time making the chocolate version.

Rose said that since this version used melted chocolate, the texture is heavier and not as airy as the non-chocolate version.

She was right.

Even denser, these little cakelets are still pretty airy. And chocolate-y. Good enough for a chocolate fix.

Tea for one. Why not? :)

Recipe can be found in Rose's Christmas Cookies.


  1. These look delicious! We love madeleines with tea. I've made Flo's. Will definitely give Rose's a try. Don't you just love her cookie book?

  2. So many RHC bakers have gushed about her cookie book--I have to find it! I love your four madelines prettily arranged on that silver tray--lovely.

  3. Vicki, I love her cookie book a lot. I want to bake through it. I made rugelach yesterday - so good. Will post later this week.

    ECL, the book is worth the $. Every cookie has a photo and they all look so good.

  4. They look great, Jenn. I recently bought a madeleine pan and I have the book. Hmmm... :o)

  5. They look light and fluffy! I love normal madeleines and I think the chocolate version would be even better.


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