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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peter Reinhart's Whole Wheat Bread

Now that I have finished baking through Rose's Heavenly Cakes, my next goal is to be a better bread baker. I've tried Whole Wheat Bread several times in the past but they never turn out the way they're supposed to be. Shape-wise, they always seem to spread sideways and are pretty flat. And they were dense and taste-wise, a bit dry.

I know whole wheat bread will never rise/expand as big as breads made with white flour, but it shouldn't be very dense either.

My failed attempts at whole wheat bread involves several different recipes by Peter Reinhart. From both the Artisan Breads Every Day and Whole Grain Breads books.

Two weekends ago I thought I tried the whole wheat bread again from the Whole Grain Breads.

And it was a success this time.

I am not exactly sure if this is just beginner's (or repeat beginner's) luck, or if perhaps, by chance, I am a better baker now than 2 years ago *grin*.

But I do notice that my dough was a bit too wet. Wetter than I'd like it to be. I thought the dough won't turn out but since it does, I think the extra wetness is what helped it.

Close up on the pretty crust!

And this past weekend, I've made it again the 2nd time. I made it wetter too and it was a success.  YAY!


  1. It looks awesome, Jenn!! thanks for including a picture of the inside crumb. It doesn't look dense at all. Yay! What did you use to get that pretty dark tan color on the inside? Molasses?

  2. Thanks Hanaa! No molasses but it used honey. I think the dark tan color is from the WW flour.

  3. great looking bread! i think moving into bread baking will be a fun challenge. can't wait to follow your progress.

  4. (I'm trying to catch up on blog posts I missed during my early Dec. vacation.)

    This looks great, and I'm glad the Reinhart WGB one worked out eventually. It's coming up soon for me, as I'm about to do his whole wheat loaf from BBA (my last recipe there) then will move on to WGB. I'm finding that doughs that seem a little too wet are generally a Good Thing in his recipes.


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