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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday 5

I haven't made a lot progress on my existing projects from last week. The Big Herringbone Cowl is pending. I gave up using the bamboo needles and have ordered metal needles instead. It hasn't arrived yet (!!!). Supposed to be this Friday so I am looking forward to do some catch-up knitting this Christmas weekend.

The Celery Cardigan is going well, though not as much progress as I had hoped for since last week. I finished the garter stitches for the body part and bind off. Then I've picked up over 300 stitches on both sides and collar. Picking up stitches is quite fun but frustrating at the same time because it's hard to gauge how to space the stitches. I've gotten to the end a couple of times and realized that I'm short 10 stitches and have to do over.

But that part is done and now onto doing the short rows. 

Here is what it looks like right now. It looks like a jumbled mess because I have the needle running through the sides and the collar. But you can see that nice section of garter stitches at the end of the body :).

I am also working on the Summer Flies shawl. This project has been going on for a month, longer than it should. I first started with a size 8 needle, following the pattern and adding the extra butterfly and ridgelet from Lethaniol and thetanul. And then halfway through doing the picot edges, I discovered I am out of yarn.

Since I have to rip out some section to "get" more yarn, I thought of just making the shawl as it is, without those 2 extra sections. But that would leave me with some yarn leftover and I don't want to have that.

I also don't want to shell out another $26 for an extra skein.

Yes I realize I'm being difficult.

So I started over. With a size 6 needle.

This is how far I've gotten.

It is going fast. I am now at the ruffle edge section and after that binding off with picot edge. I am hoping to have this finished for FO Friday next week.

I really love this pattern. Even with the do-over and the whole yarn drama it is my favorite pattern to knit. And madeleinetosh sock is just a dream to work with.

Oh, and I also have some beads going as you can see in the picture below. I am using size 6 TOHO beads from Michaels. The beads are added to the butterfly section. This is my 1st beaded project too and it is fun adding beads!

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  1. Love your WIPs - so pretty. love the colors of your sweater.

  2. That's it. I'm officially following you (but not in a creepy way, promise) -- I just keep finding stuff I love over here. Sorry to hear about your do over, but I do love how much faster they go the second time around. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your work. The shawl and beads are amazing. You will be so happy with it. I love beads and lace.


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